Month: September 2020

Trump Was Right to End Critical Race Theory in Government, but What About Academia, the Birthplace of Anti-White Ideology?

Robert Bridge This month, the US leader instructed his government to end federal training programs that stereotype and scapegoat white people for being “inherently racist” and natural-born oppressors. While a necessary first step at combatting what is essentially another form of racism, Trump’s plan falls short of addressing the problem where it matters most, at […]

Revolution 2020

Angelo Codevilla How did we get here—and how will it end? Understanding what drives the revolution that is destroying the American republic gives insight into how the 2020 election’s results may impact its course. Its practical question—who rules?—is historically familiar. But any revolution’s quarrels and stakes obscure the question: to what end? Our revolution is […]

‘Unhinged’: Biden compares Trump to Fidel Castro and Nazi Joseph Goebbels, vows to debate him because he’s ‘not very smart’

RT Joe Biden was slammed as “unhinged” by critics following an interview in which he compared US President Donald Trump to both Fidel Castro and infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels in the space of less than a minute. Asked by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle about voters believing Trump’s frequent accusations that Biden will push a socialist […]

New York AG recommends police CEASE making traffic stops and arresting drivers with open warrants to avoid confrontation

RT New York Attorney General Letitia James has recommended police disengage from “any type of routine traffic enforcement activity” to avoid potential showdowns with non-compliant drivers as they might end up in violence. James suggested police take a hands-off approach when patrolling traffic, discouraging officers from stopping drivers for violations that do not involve criminal […]

Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown Declares State of Emergency in Portland for 1st Time over Antifa Counter-Protest

By Penny Starr Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown has declared a state of emergency in Portland for the first time, apparently in response to the anticipated arrival this weekend of right-wing protesters. Left-wing protesters have staged almost nightly riots in the city for more than three months. Brown’s order gives authority to the Oregon State […]

Ann Coulter On Jake Gardner: Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter

Ann Coulter Last weekend, facing death threats and a kangaroo court, and with no means to mount a defense, Gardner killed himself, rather than be killed by the mob waiting for him back in Omaha. This is the part of the column where I make a clarion call for action. How about civil suits against the monsters […]

Coming Soon to a U.S. Neighborhood Near You? Regime-Change Foot Soldiers Parading as Social Justice Warriors

Robert Bridge The first sign of trouble came in 2016, when none other than George Soros began spending a king’s ransom in local judicial elections. As the Daily Signal noted, “[r]adical social justice activists will serve as the top prosecutors for three major Washington, D.C., suburbs—including the two wealthiest counties in the U.S.—after George Soros’ political […]

BLM’s Hitlerian Heart

David Cole Hitler’s idealism is right there in the phrase gutem Blut unserer Art. He sincerely believed that his people’s “blood” was good, and that positive things would come from the domination of Europe by that good blood. Hitler did have “civilizing ideas.” It’s just that his civilizing ideas didn’t involve partnerships with people he […]

Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May Be Defeated Once More

By Matthew J.L. Ehret The Saker September 21, 2020 While the world’s attention is absorbed by tectonic shifts unfolding across America as “a perfect storm of civil war, and military coup threatens to undo both the elections and the very foundations of the republic itself, something very ominous has appeared “off of the radar” of most […]

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