Month: February 2022

Archbishop Viganò’s Important Message to Canadian Truckers

By Alexandra Bruce Forbidden Knowledge TV February 28, 2022 In this relentless attack on the traditional world, not only your way of life and your identity have been affected but also your possessions, your activities and your work. This is the Great Reset. This is the future promised by the slogan like “Build Back Better”. […]

Podcast: The Soros/Ukraine Connection; How Putin Wants to Rebuild ‘Holy Russia’ and a New USSR

Paralyzed by fear of a nuclear holocaust, the West responds to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Savage dives into the centuries of Russian history to speculate on Putin’s motives and his end game for Kiev. Why did Putin seize Chernobyl? How is Zelensky connected to Soros? Savage unravels the enigma of the Russian invasion on this […]

Musk agrees to help Ukrainian government

Elon Musk has claimed that SpaceX-operated Starlink satellite internet constellation now “active” in Ukraine Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk claimed on Saturday that his satellite internet program Starlink now covers Ukraine after a request for aid from the country’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov. Fedorov had published an open letter to Musk on Saturday, which read, “While […]

Timeline: Euromaidan, the original “Ukraine Crisis”

Timeline: Euromaidan, the original “Ukraine Crisis” Genuine grassroots revolution or NATO backed coup? Here are the facts to help you decide. Kit Knightly As Russia actually do launch an invasion or “special operation” in Ukraine, we thought now was a good time to recap on how we got here. The historical, political and ethnic divisions […]

Jordan Peterson Tells Canadians to Withdraw Bank Funds to Avoid Trudeau Tyranny

by Joshua Klein Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson warned Canadians in a podcast this week to withdraw money from Canadian banks, citing a source allegedly in the Canadian military who warned “the situation is far worse” than imagined. The “situation” in Canada is the unprecedented activation of the Emergencies Act, a law intended to grant the […]

Off-Guardian: This Week in the New Normal #23   BONUS: DEPRESSING POSTER OF THE WEEK Someone forwarded us this on social media this week… It’s a poster promoting the current events program Re: on Arte TV, and it poses the question: The Future or Climate Killer? Over the image of a woman with two young children. For those who don’t know, Arte is a European television […]

What kind of “left” attacks the working class as “fascist?”

A wonderfully-scathing article by Mark Crispin Miller: And so it’s time now for the rest of us to recognize that this “left” is itself the enemy it used to warn against—a “left” that hates the working class, and wants to see its independence smashed, its peaceful protests halted everywhere, whatever that may take, so that those “far […]

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