LIVE: ICJ Hears Genocide Case Against Israel | DAWN News English

Posted May 16, 2024 at 13:00 hours Rocky Mountain Time Streamed live 5 hours ago #southafrica #israel #internationalcourtofjustice South Africa takes on Israel at the UN’s top court! South Africa is urging the International Court of Justice to order Israel to halt its military offensive in Gaza, citing concerns of genocide. Israel has denied the […]

Is This the Reason for Assassination Attempt Upon Slovakian Prime Minister? [Video]

This January 2024 speech by Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico seems to give us the reasons for the assassination attempt upon him. Part of the reason is Fico’s rejection of the WHO pandemic policy but even more because Fico called out the corruption of Ukraine aid money while decrying the senseless slaughter of that proxy […]

Is this Europe’s Archduke Ferdinand moment? Slovakia PM in “Life Threatening Condition”

BBC Slovakia PM Robert Fico in ‘life threatening condition’ after being shot | BBC News Slovakia PM Robert Fico in ‘life threatening condition’ after being shot | BBC News  

Joe Biden has done more than arm Israel. Leaked documents reveal his own officials see him as complicit in Gaza’s devastating famine

By  Richard Hall, Bel Trew and Andrew Feinberg An investigation by The Independent uncovers the missteps, missed opportunities and political choices made by the Biden administration that allowed a famine to take hold in northern Gaza. With access to leaked documents, testimony from current and former officials and voices from Gaza, it paints a damning picture of an entirely preventable […]

Elon Musk dissed on Episode 8 of “This F*cking Guy”

On episode 8 of “This Fucking Guy,” Hysteria Podcast hosts Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco dive deep into the past of the “richest moron in the World,” Elon Musk. They Discuss Elon’s father having children with his own stepdaughter (ew), his start in the Tech industry, how he was ousted by PayPal for being annoying, […]

Pro-Trump Conservative Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot in Public – Stood Up Against Ukraine War and WHO Global Pandemic Accord

By Jim Hoft Conservative-Populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot today and wounded at a government meeting. Conservative-populist Slovakian Prime Minister is dragged to his car after he was shot today. According to reports Prime Minister Fico is alive and in a helicopter on his way to a hospital in Bratislava. There is video […]

Watergate Revisited: Who is Bob Woodward?

A fascinating look into who Bob Woodward of Watergate fame really is. Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert on America’s Untold Stories as they delve deep into the fascinating life and career of Bob Woodward, the acclaimed journalist who rose to fame with his groundbreaking Watergate coverage alongside Carl Bernstein. But Bob Woodward’s story doesn’t […]

‘Open the sea’ – Hezbollah leader calls on Lebanon to flood Europe with migrants

By John Cody Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Monday urged the Lebanese authorities to “open the sea” to migrant boats to put pressure on Europe. The announcement comes shortly before the EU parliamentary elections on June 9, with immigration perhaps the most important topic of the election. In a televised address, Hassan Nasrallah called for […]

German Train System Turning into Life-Threatening ‘Battlefield’ Due to Violent Migrants, Warns Head of Regional Rail Union

By John Cody, Remix, May 13, 2024 “How can you expect citizens of this country to be open to the refugee policy that is being practiced when it happens — practically every day, and not just on public transport! — that we have to witness such violence, brutalization and absolute contempt for our laws and […]

Empire Managers Explain Why This New Protest Movement Scares Them

By Caitlin Johnstone Our rulers don’t think about things like normal people think about them. They don’t think in terms of doing the right thing or acting in a way that benefits everyone. They don’t think in terms of truth and honesty or the lack thereof. They only think in terms of what stories people […]

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