Video from Ukraine: This Is the War Against Machines We Thought Would Never Come, Straight Out of a Terminator Movie

By  Kellyanne Richardson  – June 23, 2024 A viral video shows ‘Ukraine’s soldier heading towards an alleged Russian position.’ In the clip, the soldier is seen following a drone to purportedly reach the Russian post. As per claims online, it was a Russian army drone that was guiding the soldier. The troop is said to […]

Tucker Carlson interview with Neil Oliver

Here’s a really good interview with  Neil Oliver. In watching this lengthy interview, it’s evident that he has the ability to present issues in a  humanistic manner that people can resonate with. Here is the entire interview, minus 20 minutes which Google censored: I particularly appreciated this segment, in which Oliver discusses inalienable rights, […]

Iceland Reverses Course Freezes Out Rush of Venezuelan Migrants

By WARNER TODD HUSTON 22 Jun 2024 Icelandic officials are pulling back on their former support for Venezuelan migrants, and deported 180 immigrants who had only recently arrived in the Nordic country. The about face comes on the tail of moves by the Icelandic parliament to change policy on immigration to be more in line with that […]

White Christians being replaced in Europe – Orban

RT A “militant” faction of pro-migration politicians is overseeing the “replacement” of white European Christians with Muslim immigrants, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared. “In Europe there is an exchange of populations, the number of white, Christian, traditional –  let’s say European – people is decreasing, the number of migrants being imported and the number of people belonging […]

Biden Regime Amnesties 350,000 Illegal Aliens

By Paul Craig Roberts The anti-American Biden Regime is fully intent on turning the once proud United States of America into a Tower of Babel. During Biden’s 3.5 years in the White House, his open, undefended border policy has allowed 3.6 million immigrant-invaders to occupy large areas of the US.  California and Seattle, Washington, now […]

‘Finish the job’

RT In a very public way, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded the Biden administration give him the tools to ‘finish the job’ in Gaza. Is this a demand to finish the genocide? Again, this sounds like a blank check to cross any and all red lines. CrossTalking with Lionel, Elijah J. Magnier, and […]

“Only pirates do this”: Philippines accuses China of using bladed weapons in major South China Sea escalation

By Nectar Gan and Kathleen Magramo, CNN Updated 6:09 AM EDT, Thu June 20, 2024 Hong KongCNN —  The Philippines has accused China’s Coast Guard of launching a “brutal assault” with bladed weapons during a South China Sea clash earlier this week, a major escalation in a festering dispute that threatens to drag the United States into another global conflict. Footage […]

World War 3 could break out ‘within months’ as massive death toll predicted

Story by Oli Smith and Emily Hodgkin Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has issued a stark warning that the escalating tensions between Russia and the West could lead to all-out war within the next three months. This alarming statement follows Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ominous message to the West, suggesting he is approaching “a point of no return”. In […]

Rep. Ronny Jackson: You Do Not Have to Be a Physician to See Biden Is Unwell

By HANNAH KNUDSEN 14 Jun 2024 “He’s not fit to be president. He’s not fit to be commander-in-chief and head of state, and everybody can see it. You don’t have to be a doctor to see it, but, yeah, slurring his speech, you know, shuffling when he walks. He’s freezing up now. He’s all rigid, […]

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