Month: June 2019

Behind the Push for Open Borders

Border Security – The Epoch Times Published on May 25, 2019 SUBSCRIBE 276 “This is an orchestrated, communist assault on America to destroy America’s borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically.” —Trevor Loudon, communism expert.

The Democratic Candidates Are in a Bubble on Immigration Take the tragic tale of Oscar Ramirez and his young daughter Valeria, the father and daughter captured in death in that heartbreaking photograph. Ramirez’s widow explained to the Washington Post why her husband wanted to move to America: He wanted “a better future for their girl.” This is an admirable goal, but it is classic economic […]

Is The “Hate Group” Concept A Legitimate Intellectual Concept Or Nothing More Than A Weapon Of Cultural Marxist Hegemony?

Many critics of the term argue that the demographic divisions (racial groups, whole religions) the term attempts to insulate from group criticism are arbitrarily or ideologically selected. For example, why aren’t lesser political groups (atheist organizations, for example) or smaller religious denominations (scientologists, for example) equally protected by the label and the stigma surrounding it? […]

YouTube’s Latest Purge

Video sharing platform enforces new rules against “extremist content” Kit Knightly Jun 5, 2019  111 YouTube’s Latest PurgeVideo sharing platform enforces new rules against “extremist content” Kit Knightly Image source: YouTube has just announced they have changed their “community standards” to combat “extremist content” on their platform. This is just the latest step in […]