Is the Democratic Party an Existential Threat to our Homeland and the American People?

The “debate” last night (June 27, 2019) among Democratic Party candidates for president of the United States revealed that all of them are for a wide open border(s) which they view as an open door to anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world to come in and colonize our nation. While Social Security which Americans paid into is frozen at low end single digit increases and pension funds are either frozen or marked for decreases in a time of high inflation — Democrats are eager to hand over all kinds of financial incentives to illegal entrants along with free health care and taxpayer funded accommodations. All this is happening while ISIS and other terrorists are threatening to attack American targets on the 4th of July.

Writing “your” congressman has no effect, since they are all signed on to The Great Replacement. It’s frightening to see these Democrats pandering to illegal aliens while figuratively spitting in the faces of American citizens who oppose their demographic replacement strategies.

What are Americans to do when their own government and media are hell bent on flooding our nation with Third World invaders? The ballot box is no longer a viable option to save our nation from these insane politicians, especially since activist judges have ruled that it is unconstitutional to prevent foreigners from ignoring our immigration laws while our “lawmakers” are proposing decriminalizing illegal entrance into the United States.  The pattern has been set for hundreds of millions of foreigners to walk right across our borders and demographically replace us while we are taxed to finance the Pentagon and the impotent Department Homeland Security — the Maginot Lines of our time.

With President Donald Trump’s hands tied on illegal immigration by activist judges, or worse, his willing betrayal of his voter base per the promised wall along the Mexican border and deportation of illegal aliens who ignored orders to self-deport, all lawful options to stop our demographic replacement have been prevented by the elected officials who are supposed to represent the American people — not Mexicans, Central Americans, Hatians, Congolese, or other nationalities.

Is it any wonder that various agents in Washington and Silicon Valley are doing a full court press to silence conservative voices and financially destroy persons who voice strong opposition to the Great Replacement?  What started out as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” has been weaponized recently to criminalize alleged “hate groups.”  We are living in frightening times.

S. Byron Gassaway