Month: February 2023

European antiwar protests gain strength as NATO’s Ukraine proxy war escalates

STAVROULA PABST AND MAX BLUMENTHAL·FEBRUARY 27, 2023 Europeans are storming the streets in unprecedented numbers to protest NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine and their own declining living standards. The Grayzone has covered demonstrations and interviewed protest leaders in several countries since the war erupted. Athens, Greece –– This February 21, several thousand Greeks filled Athens’ streets to denounce […]

New Law Sought by Brazil’s Lula to Ban and Punish “Fake News and Disinformation” Threatens the Free Internet Everywhere

Many nations seem poised to abandon the core lesson of the Enlightenment: no human institution can or should be trusted to decree Absolute Truth and punish dissent from it. By Glenn Greenwald Error is the inevitable condition of even the most well-intentioned humans. But most humans do not operate with the purest of motives. Humans […]

Thousands of tattooed inmates pictured in El Salvador mega-prison

BBC The first group of 2,000 suspected gang members in El Salvador have been moved to a huge new prison, the centrepiece of President Nayib Bukele’s self-declared war on crime. Tens of thousands of suspected gangsters have been rounded up in the country under a state of emergency following a spike in murders and other […]

PHOTO: Norfolk Southern Train Axle Appears To Be On Fire For at Least Forty Three Minutes Before Derailment

By Brian Lupto Last week, The Gateway Pundit reported that the train that derailed in East Palestine on Feb 3 had what appeared to be an axle on fire for at least 43 minutes prior to the derailment.  According to the NTSB, the train derailed at approximately 8:54pm. The NTSB cites a video shared by several […]

Aizona Rancher Held on $1 Million Bond For Fatally Shooting Illegal Alien on His Property Faces New Aggravated Assault Charges

By Christina Laila Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly, who already faces a first-degree murder charge for the shooting death of a Mexican man, now also faces two charges of aggravated assault Tuesday, just one day before his scheduled preliminary hearing. The additional counts filed in Santa Cruz County each say Kelly “using a rifle, a […]

Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies

Epoch Times By Kevin Stocklin February 18, 2023Updated: February 21, 2023 Centralized Pandemic Response “They want to see a centralized, vaccine-and-medication-based response, and a very restrictive response in terms of controlling populations,” David Bell, a public health physician and former WHO staffer specializing in epidemic policy, told The Epoch Times. “They get to decide what […]

A year of Russia’s war in Ukraine: Lives lost and disrupted

Al Jazeera English February 24th will mark one year since Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine in what was the start of Moscow’s full-blown invasion of its neighbour. The Russian aggression on Ukraine has caused the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II. Already, thousands of lives have been lost, and millions of livelihoods […]

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