Month: November 2022

Apple helps Chinese Communist Party suppress protests – Removes crucial tool of dissent on iPhones and does not tell Mainland users

by Jim Hoft  Apple helped the Chinese Communists this month suppress the mass protests against the regime. Sadly, the freedom protesters were not able to use AirDrop, a file-sharing feature on iPhones that allows users to share content in authoritarian states.  Apple removed the feature in their latest update in China and did not notify […]

More On The Crypto Scam – “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute.”

Moon of Alabama Think of a grocery that offers a $10 discount ticket to regular customers. The ticket gives them 15% off of their next $100 grocery buy. The total discount ticket sale is limited to 50 tickets. The people who did not get a ticket see good value in them and soon start to […]

Huge COVID protests erupt in China’s Xinjiang after deadly fire

Rare protests broke out in China’s far western Xinjiang region, with crowds shouting at hazmat-suited guards after a deadly fire triggered anger over their prolonged COVID-19 lockdown as nationwide infections set another record. Crowds chanted “End the lockdown!”, pumping their fists in the air as they walked down a street, according to videos circulated on […]

Bombed, not beaten: Ukraine’s capital flips to survival mode

Aljazeera Published On 25 Nov 202225 Nov 2022 Residents of Ukraine’s bombed capital clutched empty bottles in search of water and crowded into cafés for power and warmth, switching defiantly into survival mode after new Russian missile strikes on Wednesday plunged the city and much of the country into the dark. In the city of […]

UNREAL New Images Emerge From Chinese ‘Zero COVID’ Techno-Hell

BY BEN BARTEE 11:15 AM ON NOVEMBER 25, 2022   CCP erects 250,000-capacity COVID concentration camps in Guangzhou 廣州打造全球最大方艙集中營,官方把它吹的天下無敵,但人們不禁懷疑進去容易出來難。 — 0 (@lammichaeltw) November 4, 2022 Via Reuters: The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is setting up makeshift hospitals and quarantine sites with capacity for nearly 250,000 beds for COVID-19 infections, officials said on Thursday, as cases […]

Ukrainian energy systems on brink of collapse after weeks of Russian bombing

Washington Post Story by David Stern, Emily Rauhala, Michael Birnbaum • As the scope of damage to Ukraine’s energy systems has come into focus in recent days, Ukrainian and Western officials have begun sounding the alarm but are also realizing they have limited recourse. Ukraine’s Soviet-era power system cannot be fixed quickly or easily. In […]

FTX on Steroids: Is “Tether” the Biden World’s Crypto BCCI?

Revolver News Two powerful forces may in fact spare Tether FTX’s fate. The first, on the public side, may be the sheer intensity with which people choose to not even think about it. There is a lot of youthful energy and idealism behind crypto, in addition to many people’s fortunes, and the thought that something as […]

Behind The Crypto Scam – “Complete Absence Of Trustworthy Financial Information”

Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, who called everything crypto ‘prosecution futures‘, provides the latest FTX bankruptcy filing: John J. Ray III, the newly appointed CEO of bankrupt crypto player FTX’s sprawling empire who played the same role in the then-biggest-evah Enron bankruptcy and other big corporate implosions, filed his formal initial assessment with the Delaware bankruptcy court in […]

FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga

KIT KLARENBERG·NOVEMBER 15, 2022 The Ukrainian government mysteriously disappeared online records of its fundraising arrangement with the FTX crypto scam just days before the scandal erupted. The initiative claims to have raised $60 million for Ukraine, but where did the money go? The demise of FTX, the fifth-biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume in 2022, and the second-largest by […]

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