Month: July 2024

Best Reader Comment of the Week

Comment cut and pasted from this link: T. Agee Kaye “It should be noted that the shooter was twelve when Trump was first elected president. For the next eight years, the shooter, like so much of the American population – and especially its children and student population – was subjected to a relentless toxic […]

Germany Bans Right-Wing “Compact Magazine” and Searches Properties

Posted on July 16, 2024 Germany Bans Right-Wing Compact Magazine and Searches Properties Miranda Murray and Swantje Stein, Reuters, July 16, 2024 Germany banned the right-wing Compact magazine on Tuesday, accusing it of being a “mouthpiece of the right-wing extremist scene” and inciting hatred of Jews and foreigners. Stepping up the government’s fight against what […]

Governor Ron DeSantis supports Trump, calls Biden presidency a “Weekend at Bernie’s” in RNC speech

Denver Channel 7 This is the first time the former Republican presidential candidate has publicly supported former President Donald Trump’s campaign. “Donald Trump stands in their way, and he stands up for America,” DeSantis said. “Donald Trump has been demonized. He’s been sued. He’s been prosecuted. And he nearly lost his life. We cannot let […]

Left threatened Donald Trump with ‘assassination” after Presidential Debate

Sky News Australia July 3, 2024 Sky News host Liz Storer says “Trump derangement syndrome” has picked up again after the former president’s “great week” surrounding the debate. “Donald Trump’s great week has resulted in some serious Trump derangement syndrome, we are talking about on steroids,” Ms Storer said.  

CNN Host Gets Triggered When Former Army Sniper Rep. Cory Mills Suggests the Assassination Attempt on Trump Could Have Been a Setup

By Cullen Linebarger Jul. 16, 2024 1:20 pm Relevant transcript: MILLS: You know, it almost seems to me, I think that the investigation is necessary at this point within Congress, not just the FBI, not just others,” said Mills. “You know, I look back at — I’m thinking all right, you know, for an individual, if you […]

Far-Left Jack Black, Who Laughed as His Bandmate Joked ‘Don’t Miss Trump Next Time,’ Abruptly Cancels Tour After Australian Senator Calls for Band’s Deportation

By Jim Hᴏft Jul. 16, 2024 10:15 am Far-left and Joe Biden backer Jack Black has abruptly canceled his ongoing tour with the rock band Tenacious D following a controversy that erupted after his bandmate made an outrageous comment about former President Donald Trump. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Jack Black is facing major backlash after his bandmate […]

Private meeting, billionaires and a G6 Gulfstream: The backstory on how Trump picked Vance

Politico By Alex Isenstadt 07/15/2024 03:18 PM EDT Two days before Donald Trump named J.D. Vance as his running mate, the Ohio senator boarded real estate titan Steve Witkoff’s G6 Gulfstream jet. His destination: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. The surreptitious meeting, which has not previously been reported, helped to solidify Trump’s decision […]

Something is fishy: Secret Service had shooter scoped 7 mins before shooting.

Candace Owens says it all on this vid, Jimmy shows it. Jimmy Dore Says What Everyone Is Thinking Who Watched the Assassination Attempt on President Trump “They already see this guy. Now I don’t know what the protocol is but you would think the protocol is ‘Code Red’, get the President off the stage.” […]

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