Month: August 2023

Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West | Documentary

The Telegraph Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has sought to position itself as the global bastion of progressive politics. In my latest Telegraph documentary, seen above, I went to the former British colony to find out how Canadians are dealing with Trudeau’s radical reforms; from the promotion of gender ideology in schools and the mass legalisation […]

Major General Smedley Butler and the Business Plot Against FDR

America’s Untold Stories Major General Smedley Butler was a certified war hero awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor not once but TWICE. After his stellar career in the Marines he was approached by some business men offering to help veterans. Something seemed fishy and he decided to investigate.

Former Russian general calls for nuclear strike in southern Ukraine

MSN Former Russian general calls for nuclear strike in southern Ukraine A former top Russian soldier has suggested dropping a nuclear bomb in southern Ukraine to eradicate any gains made by Kyiv’s forces in the region. Andrey Gurulev (pictured), a retired lieutenant general who is now an MP in the State Duma, Russia’s lower parliament, […]

Danger: This Android malware can unlock your phone and drain your bank account

By Anthony Spadafora After being installed on an Android smartphone through a malicious app, MMRat establishes a communication channel with a command and control (C&C) server operated by the hackers behind this campaign. The malware then monitors the smartphone to discover when a victim isn’t using it. During these idle periods, MMRat exploits Android’s Accessibility Service to […]

Tucker Carlson Fears ‘We’re Speeding Toward’ Trump ‘Assassination’

NICK GILBERTSON 30 Aug 2023 “So if you begin with criticism, then you go to protests, then you go to impeachment, now you go to the indictment, and none of them work, what’s next?” Carlson asked. “I mean, graph it out, man. We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously.”  He believes both parties in “permanent Washington… have […]

“Let’s Kill All the Lawyers”- The REAL Trouble with the Trump Indictment

by Michael Lesher Peel away all the flatulent rhetoric and the tedious repetition of details, and what’s left of the indictment is the claim that Trump and his lawyers are criminals because – and only because – they offered the government and the courts an unpersuasive legal theory for challenging the outcome of the 2020 […]

‘Call Back Trump!’ Hungary’s Orbán Tells Tucker Only Trump Can End the Ukraine War and ‘Save the Western World’

KURT ZINDULKA 30 Aug 2023 Former President Donald J. Trump is the only man who can end the war in Ukraine and “save the Western world” from being plunged into World War III, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Tucker Carlson. In an interview with Carlson in Budapest, Viktor Orbán said that his ideal solution to the […]

Zelensky aide’s claim raises ‘apocalyptic’ risks – ex-Russian president

RT Moscow has no reason to doubt that the West supports Kiev’s in attacking “everything Russian,” Dmitry Medvedev has said. A recent claim by a top aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Western nations support Kiev’s attempts to “destroy everything Russian” increases the risk of all-out war between Moscow and NATO, former president Dmitry Medvedev has […]

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