US headed for ‘hot war’ with Russia – Tucker Carlson


The US proxy war against Russia is likely to become an open war within the next year, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Wednesday. The ruling Democrats need the war to keep power and too many Republicans are willing to go along, he added.

“They will do anything to win,” Carlson said in an hour-long interview with radio host Adam Carrolla. He argued that another coronavirus lockdown is unlikely, as too many people would refuse to comply, so “they’re going to go to war with Russia, that’s what they’re going to do.” 

“There will be a hot war between the US and Russia in the next year,” Carlson said. “I don’t think we’ll win it.”

“We’re already at war with Russia, of course, we’re funding their enemies,” he added. The US has allocated over $130 billion for Kiev over the past 18 months for weapons, military equipment, ammunition, and the salaries of government officials.

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