Month: June 2022

War in Ukraine: Why Biden Is in Trouble

By Marc Vandepitte Global Research, June 29, 2022 About Ukraine, we hear tough language coming from Washington. But Asia Times punctures the rhetoric. According to that news website, Joe Biden has been facing a double disaster since the war in Ukraine started: a recession in his own country and heading for a second strategic humiliation in a year. […]

Distressing undercover footage shows beagle puppies whimpering in pain and monkeys in neck restraints as they are force-fed at US testing lab

By RACHAEL BUNYAN FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 11:57 EDT, 13 June 2022 | UPDATED: 14:59 EDT, 13 June 2022 At least 80 beagle puppies were used in the toxicity testing and forced to ingest the chemicals via a stomach tube every day for months, it is claimed. The dogs were later filmed in their small cages whimpering and staggering in pain […]

VIDEO: Ecuador’s indigenous revolt against their neoliberal president

THE GRAYZONE·JUNE 20, 2022 The Grayzone spoke with leaders of Ecuador’s indigenous movements, now engaged in ferocious street protests against the privatization policies of President Guillermo Lasso, a billionaire banker. The activists defended their demands and detailed the brutal repression they have witnessed as their rebellion spreads across one of the last right-wing controlled countries […]

America can be defined in a single word

Immortal words. Inspiring words. Incomprehensible words. America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: Asssfhhhtlllmmnfffsh” Joe Biden With this, and Joe’s equally embarrassing cheat sheet, it’s getting easier and easier to believe that the office of the POTUS is being deliberately mocked and degraded at this point.  

Torched: Sri Lanka’s Economy: The country’s collapse due to fuel shortage [RT Documentary]

In 2022 Sri Lanka faced the worst crisis since 1983 when the country was torn apart by civil war. Fuel shortage caused by the US embargo on Russian oil and gas doubled prices in the local market. That resulted in massive riots – people were struggling to earn a living, standing on the brink of […]

Media – The End of the European Colonial Powers, The Tyranny of Physics

By Tom Luongo Gold Goats ‘n Guns   I sat down last weekend for a long chat with Alexander Mercouris of The Duran and Crypto Rich to discuss the rapidly evolving situation in Europe. Long time readers know that I’ve been handicapping the collapse of the European Union for years. That idea isn’t based on my personal antipathy for Eurotrash […]

This Week in the New Normal #34

Off-Guardian In part: 1. THE EXTREME RIGHT WEAPONISING THE OUTDOORS Fresh from weaponising memes in 2021, the classics in 2018 and irony in 2016, those pesky alt-righters are back at it – ruining perfectly ordinary things, like going outside. Yes, according to Vice… White Nationalists Want to Reclaim Nature as a Safe Space for Racists Which contains this amazing sentence: […]

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