War in Ukraine: Why Biden Is in Trouble

Global Research, June 29, 2022

About Ukraine, we hear tough language coming from Washington. But Asia Times punctures the rhetoric. According to that news website, Joe Biden has been facing a double disaster since the war in Ukraine started: a recession in his own country and heading for a second strategic humiliation in a year. Will it force him to change course?


Western mainstream media do not excel in balanced reporting when it comes to the war in Ukraine. The level of propagandistic content is high and the NATO line is followed slavishly with a few exceptions. Fortunately, things are different in the rest of the world. There you hear different voices.

Take for example, a recent analysis in Asia Times. This news website is based in Hong Kong and is one of the most prominent news media in Asia. According to Asia Times, the White House completely misjudged this war. Biden’s tough language is meant to mask the predicament he has found himself in.

Biden is facing two serious problems as a result of the war, according to Asia Times. Economically, his country and large parts of the rest of the world are heading for a crisis. In addition, after the debacle in Afghanistan last summer, he will suffer a second humiliation with this war.



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