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The Mystery of the $400 Million FTX Heist May Have Been Solved

ANDY GREENBERG SECURITY FEB 1, 2024 4:48 PM An indictment against three Americans suggests that at least some of the culprits behind the theft of an FTX crypto fortune may be in custody. When more than $400 million worth of crypto was mysteriously pulled out of the coffers of what was once the world’s biggest […]

A Final Solution

“A Final Solution” The Wikipedia entry for ‘final solution‘: The Final Solution (German: die Endlösung, pronounced [diː ˈʔɛntˌløːzʊŋ]) or the Final Solution to the Jewish Question (German: Endlösung der Judenfrage, pronounced [ˈɛntˌløːzʊŋ deːɐ̯ ˈjuːdn̩ˌfʁaːɡə]) was a Nazi plan for the genocide of individuals they defined as Jews during World War II. The “Final Solution to […]

Israel’s war on Gaza: US condemned for veto of UN ceasefire resolution

By Lyndal Rowlands and Alastair Mccready “The message given today to Israel with this veto is that it can continue to get away with murder,” Palestine’s United Nations envoy Riyad Mansour says. Rejecting a UN Security Council (UNSC) ceasefire resolution shows “approval of starvation as a means of war”, says Algeria’s ambassador to the UN, Amar Bendjama. […]

From nurseries to Nazis: Ukraine’s terrorist radicalization of children

From nurseries to Nazis: Ukraine’s terrorist radicalization of children Originally published: Internationalist 360°  on August 26, 2022 by Deborah Armstrong (more by Internationalist 360°) (Posted Aug 31, 2022) Fascism, Ideology, Terrorism, WarUkraineNewswireCHILD SOLDIERS, Crimes Against Humanity, JUVENICIDE, MIND CONTROL, Nazis, RIGHTS OF THE CHILD, state terrorism, Terrorism Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he […]

The Border Crisis Fuels a “Dangerous Conspiracy Theory” NPR claims

Posted on February 13, 2024 The Border Crisis Is Helping to Mainstream a Dangerous Conspiracy Theory Odette Yousef, NPR, February 9, 2024 As the election year gets underway, a conspiratorial narrative typically circulated by fringe movements has come to dominate mainstream Republican discourse on immigration, extremism researchers warn. Specifically, they say that rhetoric used by […]

Iran Fires Ballistic Missile From A Shipping Container At Sea

By Oliver Parken Fired from a sea base-like vessel, Iran’s launching of ballistic missiles via shipping containers could have wide-ranging implications. Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has fired two ballistic missiles from launchers disguised as standard shipping containers that were hosted aboard one of its sea base-like vessels. This particular combination, which has not […]

Congressman Admits Biden Should Not Have Nuclear Codes Following Health Report

By Andrew Sanders Republican Pennsylvania congressman Guy Reschenthaler is calling for President Biden to resign immediately, citing a report that questions Biden’s mental fitness to handle classified documents. The report, conducted by Special Counsel Robert Hur, described Biden as an elderly man with a poor memory. “Biden should step down immediately. The fact that you […]

Time To Call The Invasion Treason

Americans For Legal Immigration ( is issuing new advice to activists, candidates, lawmakers, and their staff who want America’s borders secured and the nation-destroying criminal migrant invasion reversed… Start accurately calling it what it truly is… TREASON.   ALIPAC previously helped Americans understand that this is not migration but is an invasion expressly prohibited by […]

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