The Way Life Should Be? Vol. IV: Bête Noir

At a recent symposium held at the University of Southern Maine (USM), “Economic Necessity: Workforce Development and Immigrant Integration,” the “necessity” of “internationalizing” Portland was echoed by a variety of figures from Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to David Brenerman to David Zahn of Southern Maine Community College[1] who:

connected the college with various committees in the Portland metro area (Catholic Charities, One Westbrook, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition, etc.). David was instrumental in initiating working relationships with numerous community partners allowing for innovative workforce training initiatives to develop between the college and other entities in the greater Portland, Maine region.

Also present were several representatives of the University of Southern Maine itself, Tae Chong of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) and Catholic Charities (who “wants to see Portland rebranded as an international city, well-poised to compete for human capital; supports an Office of Globalization”), the Maine Immigrants Rights Coalition (MIRC), the Immigrant Legal Aid Project (ILAP), SIGCO, IDEXX, and the J.T. Gorman Foundation. The Jewish Brenerman, a Portland City Council member, concluded that a “broad-based collaborative” must:

Rebrand (my emphasis) Portland as a multicultural, international city…celebrating the mosaic of ethnicities and nationalities here…strengthen Portland’s image as multicultural and international…Maine International Trade Center…re-engineer (my emphasis) the work force pipeline…[expand] USM (and SMCC?) role with training ESL teachers…support including microfinancing (Opportunity Alliance, Living with Peace, CEI, Community Financial Literacy, Portland Development Corporation, SBA) and proactively connect to employers’ needs (Diversity Hiring Coalition)…Ensure optimal coordination of the many service providers.

These service providers are legion—many of them we’ve previously discussed, and many more will be detailed. They are absolutely essential to the vast matrix of “philanthropic capitalism,” a very Jewish concept we will be “unpacking,” to use their parlance, to a greater degree in the final installment of this series, “Get Woke, Shoah Invoke.” It should be abundantly clear by now that all of these organizations from the “charitable” to the state- and corporate-sponsored are inter-connected and their machinery is geared toward first splintering and then eradicating the native white populations of the Western world. Understanding the mechanisms they employ is absolutely essential to counter-acting their destructive agenda.

Despite the fact that immigration to White countries today is predicated on economic exploitation and racial animus, it is the host population, seeing their opportunities and way of life evaporate before them, who must adapt, who are “hateful” and must confront the “systemic racism” of a society built by their ancestors for “themselves and their posterity”—not imported peoples from the dark recesses of the equator.

In a recent paper published by Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, entitled “New Mainers’ Barriers to Access Healthcare,” twenty-five medical professionals were interviewed on “systemic bias and disparities” in healthcare in the state of Maine, despite the fact that, as one informant put it, “Immigrants don’t prioritize wellness.” Never let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

Now, something about the names of the interviewees stuck out to me: Abshiro Ali, Hassan Mahmoud, Ghassan Saleh, Tho Ngo, Asha Suldan, Nelida Burke, Dancille Nshimimana, Jovin Bayingana, Claude Rwaganje, Tarlan Ahmadov (State Refugee Coordinator for Catholic Charities of Maine), Damas Rugama, Mufalo Chitam (Executive Director of Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition[2]), Heritier Nosso, Hawa Abdouckader, Sana Osman, and Nadine Twagirayezu. Of the two authors, one, Darlene Ineza, is from Rwanda, and the other, Kathleen Fairfield, supervises a clinic that works with Catholic Charities to bring refugees into Portland. I cannot imagine what their bias might be. Naturally, according to the authors . . . .

Sen. David Perdue OKs Silicon Valley Takeover of College Graduate Job Market

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) now supports Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) green card giveaway bill, which will allow investors to reward many more Indian graduates for taking middle-class jobs from American college graduates.

Perdue’s decision to end his opposition to the bill clears the way for Lee to rush his bill through the Senate on Thursday. If no other senators object, Lee’s bill will move through the Senate, putting it much closer to becoming law.

The bill allows investors and their companies to reward many more Indian graduates who agree to take the college graduate jobs needed by young American graduates. The reward is the grant of 120,000 invaluable green cards — up from roughly 20,000 today — to the Indian outsourcing workers and their families.

That’s a huge boost for the investors in the U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy, who now import Indian graduates to spike stock prices by chopping white-collar payroll costs. So Perdue’s retreat is also a huge economic hit to the roughly 800,000 Americans who are graduating in 2019 with degrees in health care, science, engineering, accounting, business, software, math, or architecture.

What the uncanceling of Pepe the Frog – just for HK protests, though – tells us about US media

After all the slogan of the Hong Kong crowds is a Bruce Lee quote: “be water.” Once again, it plays up the amorphousness and flexibility, the anonymity and persistence of the crowd, whether mass-posting online or occupying a public space, trying to shake up the monolithic structures of the ruling elite.

Yet the difference in the coverage, depending on the narrative, is stunning. A satirical cartoon can become the new swastika, and the new swastika can become a symbol of freedom, all without changing. These biases can be seen through the contrasting coverage of say – the Yellow Vests and Black Lives Matters or the Maidan protests, but here is a rare test case.

Certainly, the protesters in Hong Kong aren’t drawing up Hitler mustaches on their Pepes, or making them gloat outside of gas chambers. But frankly, neither did most of the images that circulated through the image boards and continue to crop up in Twitter discussions today. The vilification was largely intellectually dishonest, and relied on picking unrepresentative examples to marginalize what is already a  minority hidden on the outskirts of polite internet discourse.

It was also ineffective. Just as Pepe did not die, but returned through ever more postmodernist reincarnations, including the anarchic and popular Clown Pepe who comments on the absurdities of political correctness or the latest big tech censorship, and now again, half-a-world away.

There is a lesson here: you can call Pepe far-right, and equate the OK gesture to “Heil Hitler!”

But if any dissenters remain, and you are suppressing their ideas, not debating them, the internet will find a way. And for all your billions, armies, and news channels you will be the ones forced to spend your time mass-deleting pictures of memes off the internet to keep your grasp on power.

By Igor Ogorodnev, senior writer at RT

The Way Life Should Be? Vol. III: With Palms Outstretched

There is an extensive network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and various other religious and secular groups masquerading as charities that are part of a vast global matrix dedicated to importing as many Third World peoples into the West as is humanly possible. Many of them operate in the shadows with questionable practices and sources of funding, others in the open under false pretenses, and still others are merely extensions of the government, “washing” taxpayer dollars in fraudulent humanitarianism, essentially acting as loopholes to bring in more people above and beyond legal proscriptions. Whether for ideological purposes, as a money-making scheme, or both, virtually none of these organizations is actually predicated on altruism or anything of the sort. As Ann Corcoran explicates:

[The UN High Commissioner of Refugees] “virtually calls the shots” for the US Refugee Admission Program (RAP). … The U.S. State Department brings in the refugees that the U.N. has largely chosen for us, and Homeland Security are supposed to screen them. I mean, how do you screen somebody from a failed state when you don’t even know who they are? Then, these are divvied up, literally, between nine major contractors that include groups such as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, World Lutheran Service and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. There are six of them that are supposedly religious charities …funded by the U.S. taxpayer. They then divide up their allotment of refugees among 350 subcontractors in 190 U.S. cities. They literally compete with each other for these refugees, because money comes along with each refugee.[1]

What Goes On in San Francisco Schools

Fog City Midge reports on what kids learn in San Francisco schools rather than the three R’s of old:

Imagine what these kids are getting told in the classroom. They may not be able to do simple math, but they all know that they hate the president for being a racist and that defending the border from foreign invasion oppresses the children.

The leftists who control the media are moderate compared to the ones running government schools. They are systematically destroying the country from within.

U.S., Canada have lost 3 billion birds since 1970. Scientists say ‘nature is unraveling.’ “It’s an empty feeling in your stomach that these same birds that you grew up with just aren’t there anymore.”

By Jeremy Deaton

Pete Marra remembers birdwatching in the woods behind his childhood home in Norwalk, Connecticut, in the 1970s, gazing up at common nighthawks as they extended their long, pointed wings and soared through the air. “They were these aerial acrobats,” he said. “They did ballet.”

By the time he got to high school, the woods had been cut down to make room for houses, and the nighthawks had begun to disappear. Today the bird has all but vanished from his old neighborhood.

“They’re rare in Connecticut now. They’re rare in many places,” said Marra, now an ecologist who is the director of the Georgetown Environment Initiative. “It’s an empty feeling in your stomach that these same birds that you grew up with just aren’t there anymore.”

Scientists like Marra have long known that birds were in trouble, having watched their favorite species fade from view. But he said they didn’t understand the scale of the crisis — until now.

For a study published Sep. 19 in the journal Science, Marra joined with other scientists and conservationists to analyze nearly five decades of population data on 529 species of North American birds. The results were staggering: Since 1970, the continental U.S. and Canada have lost more than 1 in 4 birds. The total bird population in the two countries has fallen by almost 3 billion, with grassland birds such as western meadowlarks and American sparrows and shorebirds such as green herons taking the biggest hits.

Greatest Threat to Endangered Species Is Not Donald Trump’s New Rules

President Donald Trump’s administration is about to implement new rules that it claims will “modernize” and “improve” the Endangered Species Act.

All too predictably, certain industries in Trump’s favor approve of this imminent overhaul, while environmentalists are in an uproar.

Yet neither the Trump administration nor its most vociferous environmental critics is willing to address or even acknowledge the major threat to all imperiled wildlife in the United States: massive habitat loss associated with massive, unending U.S. population growth.

Degradation and loss of habitat is far and away the single most important cause of disappearing wildlife — much more than pollution, invasive species or poaching.

Propelled mostly by the largest immigration wave in U.S. history, the number of Americans grew by about 60 million from 1990 to 2010, at a rate of 30 million per decade. Tens of millions more have been added this decade as well, and now there are almost 330 million of us, and counting.

American families have averaged fewer than two children for years, so that future population growth in our country will be almost entirely due to mass immigration.

Each added person — each new American consumer, whether native-born or foreign-born — is, on average, responsible for the loss of about a half-acre of natural habitat or farmland. These lands are developed to meet our ever-rising demands for housing, transportation, commercial and office space, warehouses, factories and manufacturing, utilities, educational and government facilities, and so forth.

2019 study by Conservation Science Partners identified agriculture, energy, transportation and urban stressors as the major factors in loss and fragmentation of natural habitat in the lower 48 states.

Population growth exacerbates each of these. More people require more land to grow more food, more habitat-destroying surface coal mines, wind and solar facilities, and the like.

The Great Replacement Is Not a Conspiracy

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 11, 2019

When we say it, it’s supposed to be a conspiracy theory. When they say it, it’s self-evident.

Stacey Abrams enjoys a promising career for someone who lost her last election. She refused to admit defeat, yet is rarely accused of undermining “our democracy.” Many people want her to run for president or be vice-president.

Why? She has no ideas to speak of. Her politics are crude. Yet she understands that a multicultural, multiracial democracy is a demographic head count. She wants State Conquest, that is, for the state to serve the interests not of the founding people but of a different people. She wants to destroy the symbols of white America, such as Stone Mountain, and replace them with those of her own people. She’s a herald of the Great Replacement in Georgia.