Month: September 2019

The Way Life Should Be? Vol. IV: Bête Noir

At a recent symposium held at the University of Southern Maine (USM), “Economic Necessity: Workforce Development and Immigrant Integration,” the “necessity” of “internationalizing” Portland was echoed by a variety of figures from Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to David Brenerman to David Zahn of Southern Maine Community College[1] who: connected the college with various committees in […]

Sen. David Perdue OKs Silicon Valley Takeover of College Graduate Job Market

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) now supports Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) green card giveaway bill, which will allow investors to reward many more Indian graduates for taking middle-class jobs from American college graduates. Perdue’s decision to end his opposition to the bill clears the way for Lee to rush his bill through the Senate on Thursday. […]

What the uncanceling of Pepe the Frog – just for HK protests, though – tells us about US media

After all the slogan of the Hong Kong crowds is a Bruce Lee quote: “be water.” Once again, it plays up the amorphousness and flexibility, the anonymity and persistence of the crowd, whether mass-posting online or occupying a public space, trying to shake up the monolithic structures of the ruling elite. Yet the difference in the […]

The Way Life Should Be? Vol. III: With Palms Outstretched There is an extensive network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and various other religious and secular groups masquerading as charities that are part of a vast global matrix dedicated to importing as many Third World peoples into the West as is humanly possible. Many of them operate in the shadows with questionable practices and sources […]

U.S., Canada have lost 3 billion birds since 1970. Scientists say ‘nature is unraveling.’ “It’s an empty feeling in your stomach that these same birds that you grew up with just aren’t there anymore.”

By Jeremy Deaton Pete Marra remembers birdwatching in the woods behind his childhood home in Norwalk, Connecticut, in the 1970s, gazing up at common nighthawks as they extended their long, pointed wings and soared through the air. “They were these aerial acrobats,” he said. “They did ballet.” By the time he got to high school, the […]

Greatest Threat to Endangered Species Is Not Donald Trump’s New Rules

Ariticle by Leon Kolankiewicz on September 3, 2019 Tags: environment immigration demographics growth population President Donald Trump’s administration is about to implement new rules that it claims will “modernize” and “improve” the Endangered Species Act. All too predictably, certain industries in Trump’s favor approve of this imminent overhaul, while environmentalists are in an uproar. Yet neither the Trump […]

The Great Replacement Is Not a Conspiracy

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 11, 2019 When we say it, it’s supposed to be a conspiracy theory. When they say it, it’s self-evident. Stacey Abrams enjoys a promising career for someone who lost her last election. She refused to admit defeat, yet is rarely accused of undermining “our democracy.” Many people want her to run for president or be vice-president. Why? […]


A group of 81 people illegally crossed the border near Sasabe Tuesday. It took 33 man-hours to transport and process the group, comprised of family units and unaccompanied minors, at a nearby forward operating base. @CBP

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