Suspected Portland shooter called himself ‘100% Antifa,’ was previously arrested, but released and never charged – report


The identity of the man under investigation for the shooting death of a Donald Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon has been revealed. He is reportedly an ex-military Black Lives Matter supporter who calls himself “100% Antifa.”

Though he has not been formally named by police, the Oregonian is reporting that Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, is under investigation for the death of Aaron ‘Jay’ Donielson, a member of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group who was shot and killed during clashing protests in Portland on Saturday.

Reinoehl’s sister was interviewed by the paper and confirmed that screenshots of the suspected shooter were of her brother, who has been estranged from most of his family.

The distinctive mark that confirmed his identity to family members is a tattoo on his neck of a raised fist.

“We reached out to police and confirmed that we recognized Michael in the screenshots,” the sister, whom the paper did not identify by name, said.


Kenosha Shooting Witness Richie McGinniss Reveals Details the MSM Won’t

Richie McGinniss Daily Caller Chief Video Editor

‘Fascist died tonight’: Portland shooting celebration VIDEOS spark speculation of ongoing ‘HUNT’ and ‘WAR’ on Republicans


This shooting, however, has conservatives warning that groups like Antifa have “declared war on Trump supporters.”

“Antifa has declared war on Trump Supporters. Respond accordingly,” journalist Carmine Sabia tweeted, clarifying later that “respond accordingly” was not a call for vigilante justice, but rather one for the government to treat Antifa like a terrorist organization.

“Trump supporters are being gunned down in cold blood,” Paul Joseph Watson tweeted.

Two separate accounts on social media openly celebrated the horrific murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, shot execution style by Darius Sessoms after the child road his bike on his lawn

Two separate accounts on social media openly celebrated the horrific murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, shot execution style by Darius Sessoms after the child road his bike on his lawn, using the child’s race as a focal point as news of the crime spread across social media.

In one post, a Taco Bell worker from North Carolina, in an expletive and spelling mistake-laden reply to a post celebrating the memory of the child who was soon due to begin kindergarten, wrote: “[I don’t] give a shit – he is white it’s time for revenge we tired, shit’s over with, now we shooting y’all [sic] go cry to ya momma [sic].”


Nationalist Review archived the suspected Taco Bell worker’s Facebook page after making the provocative remark.

Social media erupted in disgust at the inflammatory post written by the man identified as Kent. However, it was later revealed that on another post mentioning the same story, another man, this time reportedly from San Francisco, saw fit to celebrate the young boy’s execution.

Dante Salvador: “Blew his little white privileged brains clean out of his head! #BlackLivesMatter”

Cannon Hinnant, 5, was riding his bike with his sisters in a Wilson, NC, neighborhood on a summer’s day, outside his father’s house, when his young life was cut short.

Hinnant, according to family members, rode his bike onto the neighbor’s yard, prompting Darius N. Sessoms, 25, to shoot him in the head at point blank range. His sisters, 7 and 8, saw their brother get shot.

Portland “protester” is glad “fascist” man was shot and killed during Saturday night melee

“I am not sad that a fucking fascist died tonight,” says a woman at the antifa gathering in downtown Portland. The crowd laughs and cheers. The ID of the deceased is not confirmed but he is believed to be a Trump & blue lives supporter. #PortlandRiots


‘Mostly Peaceful’ Rioting And Looting Is Helping Trump’s Campaign



‘Mostly peaceful protests’ are like the ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria – propaganda constructs that do not exist in the real world. The people who owned the burning cars and whose businesses were destroyed will not be relieved by such phrasing.

Joe Biden’s attempt to swing Republican voters to his side has failed. At the same time he has rejected many of the issues progressives favored. This will hurt the election turn out the Democrats will need. Add to that the unrest which plays into Trump’s hands. The Democrats who fear that are right:

Kyle Rittenhouse the Hero drops 3 felons in one night

Streamed live on Aug 27, 2020

WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Surround Rand Paul for Several Minutes After RNC

Black Lives Matter demonstrators surrounded Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and several women for several minutes on the streets of Washington, D.C. early Friday morning as he attempted to leave the Republican National Convention event at the White House.

Paul was among the guests at President Donald Trump’s speech on the South Lawn of the White House accepting his party’s nomination. Protesters attempted to drown out the speech, and later harassed people leaving the event.

Paul and his companions were prevented from moving for several minutes, and were surrounded by police — as well as by protesters screaming at them, demanding that they say the name of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in Louisville earlier this year.

The Senator and the others stood silently for several minutes, wearing masks.×360/9pW8-gCKhaZPBixI.mp4?tag=10


Top general rejects Democrats’ fantasy of military ousting Trump from White House

The US military has no role in resolving election disputes, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley told congressional Democrats, pouring cold water on hopes the Pentagon would help them take the White House.

“I believe deeply in the principle of an apolitical US military,” Milley said in a letter to Representatives Elissa Slotkin (D-Michigan) and Mikie Sherrill (D-New Jersey). The two members of Congress did not release the letter, but quoted excerpts from it in a statement on Friday.

“In the event of a dispute over some aspect of the elections, by law US courts and the US Congress are required to resolve any disputes, not the US military,” Milley reportedly added. “We will not turn our backs on the Constitution of the United States.”

Kamala Harris said an Antifa extremist who encouraged people to kill cops, “represents our future”

Well, it was just confirmed that Kamala Harris has been selected as the Vice Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. And like many prominent Democrats, Harris has openly supported violent far-left extremists. In this particular instance, Harris tweeted out support for Ismael (archive) after the Los Angeles Times ran a piece titled “He attends elite UC Berkeley but lives in a trailer with no heat or sewer hookups. Soon, he’ll be scrambling to find new shelter“.

In this article, Chamu is portrayed as a victim of the system because his financial aid does not fully cover the cost of his housing. In the original version of the article there was no mention of his affiliation with the domestic extremist movement, Antifa, and nothing about his recent arrests. Shortly after we reported on this, the article was later updated with the following editors note:

4:05 p.m.: This article has been updated to include details of Ismael’s arrest last year on vandalism charges. He has pleaded not guilty and has not been convicted.