Bombed, not beaten: Ukraine’s capital flips to survival mode


Residents of Ukraine’s bombed capital clutched empty bottles in search of water and crowded into cafés for power and warmth, switching defiantly into survival mode after new Russian missile strikes on Wednesday plunged the city and much of the country into the dark.

In the city of three million, some residents resorted to collecting rainwater from drainpipes, as repair teams laboured to reconnect supplies.

Girl looking sad, wearing a winter jacket and hat, holds a ginger cat. Behind her is one remaining wall of a destroyed house with rubble and bricks surrounding it.

Yuliia Zaika, a nine-year-old Ukrainian girl, holds her cat Marsyk outside her half-sister’s destroyed house in the village of Moshchun, near Kyiv [Murad Sezer/Reuters]

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said about 70 percent of the Ukrainian capital was still without power on Thursday morning.

As Kyiv and other cities picked themselves up, Kherson on Thursday came under its heaviest bombardment since Ukrainian forces recaptured the southern city two weeks ago. The barrage of missiles killed four people outside a coffee shop and a woman was also killed next to her house, witnesses said, speaking to The Associated Press news agency.

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