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As Invaders Pour Across the Mexican-U.S. Border in Record Numbers, Biden Brags It Is By Design

By Kristinn Taylor Sep. 22, 2023 8:00 pm After years of playing word games about border security, Joe Biden bragged about his open borders policy in a speech Thursday night to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 46th Annual Gala at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Biden spoke as a new surge of migrants […]

Ready for WWIII? British Storm Shadow Missiles Strike Russia’s Black Sea Fleet HQ in Crimea

Trends Journal Sergey Shoigu, the Russian defense chief, said if UK or U.S.-supplied missiles were used to strike Crimea, it would officially put the U.S. and U.K. at war with Russia SEP 22, 2023 Ukrainian forces used British-provided Storm Shadow missiles to smash the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet early Friday, according to Western news reports. In […]

Governor Greg Abbott Officially Declares INVASION at Southern Border by the Mexican Drug Cartels

By Jim Hoft Abbott’s letter paints a grim picture of the situation in Texas, highlighting the devastating impact of the border crisis on local communities. “Ranches are being ripped apart, and homes are vulnerable to intrusion. Our border communities are regularly disrupted by human traffickers and bailouts. Deadly fentanyl is crossing the porous border to […]

Video platform rejects call to demonetize Russell Brand

RT Rumble has dismissed a call to follow YouTube and stop the entertainer from generating income through video content. Toronto-based online video-sharing platform Rumble has rejected what it called a “deeply inappropriate” question posed by a UK member of parliament who had asked if the website intended to join YouTube in demonetizing Russell Brand’s channel after a […]

Ukraine Strikes At Russian Airbase In Crimea

By THOMAS NEWDICK Both Russia and Ukraine have launched new waves of large-scale airstrikes, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrives in Washington for talks with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden. Ukraine has said it struck Saky military airfield on the Russia-annexed Crimean peninsula, while Russia, for its part, has hit Ukraine with its largest missile barrage […]

Claims Swirl Around ‘Sabotage Raid’ On Airbase Near Moscow

BYTHOMAS NEWDICK|PUBLISHED SEP 20, 2023 12:18 PM EDT Chkalovsky Air Base, just outside Moscow, is home to various strategic air assets as well as the high-profile presidential transport fleet. ne of Russia’s most important airbases, Chkalovsky, located less than 20 miles from Moscow, is claimed to have been struck by saboteurs. According to the Ukrainian military […]

Who are all these thousands of unvetted Venezuelan migrants marching into Eagle Pass?

By Monica Showalter American Thinker Lonely Planet warned indeed about not going to the Caracas slums, but odds are, these are the Caracas slums — coming to us, bringing Chavista values and all the socialism that flows from it. Hugo Chavez always dreamed of conquering America and occasionally said he would even camp out at the U.S. border with […]

Russian Submarine Shows Massive Damage After Ukrainian Strike

The War Zone  By Thomas Newdick Photos that began to circulate on social media today purportedly show the significant damage sustained by a Russian Navy Kilo class diesel-electric attack submarine after a reported Ukrainian cruise missile strike last week. The Kilo class boat, together with a Ropucha class landing ship, had been in dry dock […]

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