Month: March 2022

Paramilitaries in Ukraine – How Ramzan Kadyrov and Chechen mercenaries shape the war | DW News

The leader of the Russian province of Chechnya is calling for the storming of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as part of Russia’s so-called ‘special military operation.’ For years, soldiers from Chechnya have been fighting alongside pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Chechen separatists fought two wars against Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But Russia […]

Ukraine’s far-Right Mariupol Defenders ‘Azov Battalion’ Explained

The Azov Battalion . . . are Ukraine’s far-right group fighting Russia. The front line warriors even claimed a successful kill of a Russian general last week. They are either heroes or villains depending on who you ask… We speak with Marko Gasic, international affairs analyst says Azov are a small group but very significant […]

‘Advancing Equity and Inclusion in a Deep Turd World’: What I Learned at the Bloomberg Equality Summit

by Andrew Stiles A terrifying thought occurred to me about halfway through day one of the Bloomberg Equality Summit, an annual gathering of corporate executives, DEI officers, and the actor who played Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma to discuss KPIs regarding CSR and ESG across a variety of GLs. (Translation: Diversity, equity, and inclusion; key performance indicators; corporate social responsibility; […]

Ukrainians seek safety in Kiev Metro Station

TRT World reporters are among a group of journalists given access to the world’s deepest nuclear bomb shelter in Kiev. The Arsenalna metro station has become a refuge for people in Ukraine’s capital since Russia began its attack on February 24. Ali Mustafa reports.  

Biden’s Reckless Words Underscore the Dangers of the U.S.’s Use of Ukraine As a Proxy War

Glenn Greenwald As grave of a threat as deliberate war is, unintended escalation from miscommunication and misperception can be as bad. Biden is the perfect vessel for such risks. With the U.S.’s escalatory actions — are dangerous beyond what can be described. As an Australian news outlet reported on Sunday, “Russia has launched a missile strike near Poland […]

Two Weeks To Flatten The World

Michael Bryant Ultimately there can be no comprehensive debate and complete understanding of the devastating consequences of the ‘Covid Crisis’ policies without a historical and up-to-date analysis of the Medical Industry’s role in pushing socioeconomic and political agendas which benefit the ruling elites. It is vital to understand that the public health industry is now […]

Ex-Intelligence Dir: How Biden Created and Worsened (Ukraine) Crises

Richard Grenell | POLITICS | Rubin Report Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence and former US Ambassador to Germany, about how Joe Biden helped create the conditions for the Ukraine war, the sad truth about Kamala Harris, how Donald Trump would have handled the Russia […]

A Great Reset Is Already Underway in Utah

By G. Murphy Donovan The holy grail these days seems to be the pursuit of a “great reset,” or stakeholder capitalism — in practice, a Beijing model, more like capital communism.  A Chicom theologian would argue that their “capitalism” is just a phase on the way to totalitarian social stability.  For monopolist mandarins in America and Europe, the COVID-19 […]

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