A Great Reset Is Already Underway in Utah

By G. Murphy Donovan

The holy grail these days seems to be the pursuit of a “great reset,” or stakeholder capitalism — in practice, a Beijing model, more like capital communism.  A Chicom theologian would argue that their “capitalism” is just a phase on the way to totalitarian social stability.  For monopolist mandarins in America and Europe, the COVID-19 crisis is indeed a golden opportunity to remake the world — “capitalism with a Chinese face,” if you will.

For Western oligarchs, the Sino model means better control, hegemony, and wealth concentration.  For the global lumpenproletariat, unfortunately, the great reset means conformity, subordination, wokeness, utopian rhetoric, and new-age social leveling.

The “stake” in stakeholder capitalism goes through the heart of individual liberties.

Some of the necessary paradigm shifts have already been successful above and below the radar.  Above the horizon, hiding in plain sight, the guy who blew the whistle on Big Brother in America is now an international fugitive.  The Snowden leak is unique to the extent that he seems to have been motivated by morals at the expense of professional ethics.  Conscience, alas, is a character defect in the intelligence business.


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