Month: July 2021

Snowden skewers Big Tech, ‘amoral’ capital firms for enabling ‘Insecurity Industry’ and calls for urgent action before it’s too late

Warning that companies that claim to protect national security are the “greatest danger” to it, Edward Snowden has urged the dismantling of this ‘Insecurity Industry’ by banning trade in intrusive software and penalizing enablers. In a searing post on his blog, ‘Continuing Ed’, the NSA whistleblower pointed to the Pegasus scandal as a “turning point” that exposed the “fatal consequences” of […]

Countdown to Great Deplatforming part II? PayPal partners with ADL against ‘extremism and hate’

Pro-censorship anti-bigotry (sic) group the Anti-Defamation League has partnered with PayPal to “fight hate” by cutting off its financing. But its definition of “hate,” criticized as expansive and fungible, has prompted concerns. The ADL and PayPal have banded together to “fight extremism and hate” by limiting users’ ability to donate money using the popular online payment processor, […]

White House admits US gov’t works with Facebook to censor free-speech

Press Secretary says Biden admin is “flagging disinformation” which social media giant then removes’ Kit Knightly Government agencies are flagging posts as “misinformation” for Facebook. Essentially telling internet companies who to censor. We’ve always suspected as much, but now they’ve actually admitted it. Reader comment: Mark Jul 26, 2021 2:01 AM Reply to  Researcher The […]

‘It’s Like His Mouth Is Falling Down The Stairs’: Critics Mock Biden’s CNN Town Hall

Virginia Kruta A series of stumbles, repeated phrases and rambling answers dogged President Joe Biden as he joined CNN anchor Don Lemon for a town hall Wednesday. Throughout the event — which was held at Cincinnati’s Mount St. Joseph University — Biden’s apparent difficulties reining in his own train of thought prompted a wave of […]

Australia goes down under the boot as citizens in Sydney are ordered to avoid casual conversation – even with a mask and vaccine

Robert Bridge Such outrageous orders, which flog the concept of human rights into a bloody joke, could lead some free-thinking people who still inhabit this planet to entertain some cynical conclusions. For example, could it be that the Australian authorities, who have embraced some of the most draconian anti-Covid regulations in the world (authorities in […]

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