White House admits US gov’t works with Facebook to censor free-speech

Press Secretary says Biden admin is “flagging disinformation” which social media giant then removes’
Kit Knightly

Government agencies are flagging posts as “misinformation” for Facebook. Essentially telling internet companies who to censor. We’ve always suspected as much, but now they’ve actually admitted it.

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Jul 26, 2021 2:01 AM
Reply to  Researcher

The New York Times has a ‘helpful’ piece out, explaining why ‘breakthrough infections’ in the fully-vaccinated were always expected and are really no big deal. After all, the purpose of a vaccine is not really to prevent you from catching the disease, per se, but to make your experience of it as pleasant as possible compared with the agonies suffered by the unvaxxed.


It is necessary to keep the ‘Delta Variant’ circulating for as long as possible, because that’s the one that attacks children (formerly too much a low-risk group to merit vaxxination).

The big American dailies like the NYT and Washington Post seem to be teaming up to preserve the faith of the herd in their miracle drugs with helpful articles urging them to not stop believing, because universal vaxxination is our only path back to normal. If you’re scared and worried, take it out on the anti-vaxxers; it’s really their fault because if they would just get their jabs we would all be rolling in double happiness by now. For the mainstream, there is no apparent disconnect between that position and ‘vaccines’ which neither protect you from catching the disease, or transmitting it.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, Israel recently recorded something like 78% of its ‘new infections’ among the fully-vaxxinated. Pfizer’s Chief Scientist was quick to explain that these ‘cases’ were probably people who had been vaxxinated back in January/February, and that their antibodies had probably ‘waned, as expected’. So Pfizer has received clearance to administer a third shot; a six-month booster. Which, of course, it says will probably be necessary.

Looks like a good place to review. The mRNA ‘vaccines’ (1) will not necessarily prevent you from catching COVID-19, (2) will not necessarily prevent you from transmitting it to others if you do get it, (3) will protect you from getting sick or dying from it…but really only for about 6 months. Then you’ll need a booster to keep your antibodies active.

Various ‘experts’ and ‘public-health professionals’ have offered their judgment that COVID will be endemic, which is a fancy word for ‘around forever in one form or another’. The magic shot in its present iteration will only protect you for about six months. That means that unless mRNA technology gets even more wonderfuler…you’re going to need to be revaxxed every six months for as long as you live. If you let your antibody strength lapse, you will be the same as an anti-vaxxer, a menace to society and a potential deadly plague carrier.

Sooooo…how are those ‘vaccine passports’ going to be kept updated? Rather than simply ‘getting your jab’ once – or twice, in the case of the double-vaxx types – you’re going to have to keep your ‘passport’ up-to-date by having gotten a ‘booster-jab’ within the current six months. Anyone see it shaking out another way?



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