Month: August 2022

Confronting a Geopolitical Strategist on Putin’s Big Plan | Peter Zeihan Ep. 640

This is from April of this year, but contains a lot of fascinating insight into the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine.   Worth watching in its entirety.  — S. Byron Gassaway Confronting a Geopolitical Strategist on Putin’s Big Plan | Peter Zeihan Ep. 640 407,080 views Apr 7, 2022 Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist and […]

As Colorado River Dries, the U.S. Teeters on the Brink of Larger Water Crisis

by Abrahm Lustgarten Let’s start with the Colorado River because it’s in the news. The federal government has put some extraordinary numbers out there, suggesting water users cut between 2 and 4 million acre-feet of water usage starting this year — roughly 40% of the entire river’s recent flow. How could that possibly happen? It’s going […]

Europe’s Economic And Social Suicide – Provoked by The U.S. And Helped Along By Europe’s Leaders

Moon of Alabama The U.S. has, out of purely egoistic reasons, dragged Europe, and especially Germany, into a trap that will lead to its economic and social destruction. Instead of recognizing the danger, and taking the necessary countermeasure, the European and the German ‘leaders’ committed themselves to help with the process. The best thing for […]

Kiev shelling damages roof of nuclear reactor fuel storage – official

RT A Ukrainian strike has hit a reactor fuel storage at the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, local authorities said on Monday.  The roof of the building has been damaged as a result of the attack, Vladimir Rogov, the spokesman for Zaporozhye Region’s administration, said on Telegram.  He also posted a photo of a hole […]

Who’s in Charge? – “I Took Control. I Shouldn’t Do That. I’m Not Allowed to Do That.” – Biden Before Handlers Kick Out Press (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila Published August 26, 2022 at 1:45pm Who is really in charge? Joe Biden on Friday ‘dropped by’ a meeting with state and local officials on Women’s Equality Day to discuss ‘abortion access’ for women following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Biden decided to take a few softball questions from […]

Bolsonaro likens Brazil police raid on allies to ‘dictatorship’

Brazil is “on the road to dictatorship,” says President Jair Bolsonaro after police raid businessmen accused of plotting a coup if far-right leader loses in October election. President Jair Bolsonaro has lashed out at a police raid targeting businessmen accused of plotting a coup if he is not reelected, saying the free speech was under […]

The world’s rivers are drying up from extreme weather. See how 6 look from space

By Natalie Croker, Renée Rigdon, Judson Jones, Carlotta Dotto and Angela Dewan, CNN Published 3:30 AM EDT, Sat August 20, 2022 CNN —  To be stuck “up a river without a paddle” is an expression for a sticky situation you just can’t get out of. But if that river happens to be in the northern hemisphere this summer, it’s likely the paddle […]

Drought disrupts cargo traffic on Germany’s Rhine River | DW News

131,409 views Aug 13, 2022 A summer of record-breaking heat is drying up rivers across Europe as around half of the continent faces an unprecedented drought. In the UK, the driest July in over 80 years has largely evaporated the source of the River Thames. Italy’s longest waterway, the River Po, has sunk to record […]

China Drought Causes Yangtze to Dry Up, Sparking Shortage of Hydropower

By Helen Davidson Global Research, August 25, 2022 The Guardian 22 August 2022 A record-breaking drought has caused some rivers in China – including parts of the Yangtze – to dry up, affecting hydropower, halting shipping, and forcing major companies to suspend operations. A nationwide drought alert was issued on Friday as a long-running and severe heatwave in China’s heavily populated […]

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