Bolsonaro likens Brazil police raid on allies to ‘dictatorship’

Brazil is “on the road to dictatorship,” says President Jair Bolsonaro after police raid businessmen accused of plotting a coup if far-right leader loses in October election.

President Jair Bolsonaro has lashed out at a police raid targeting businessmen accused of plotting a coup if he is not reelected, saying the free speech was under attack and that Brazil is “on the road to dictatorship.”

Bolsonaro said on Friday authorities had improperly targeted and nearly jailed the eight businessmen, calling the investigation a bid to muzzle his supporters.

“Brazil is on the road to dictatorship. This is how dictatorships start now. You lose (your freedom) little by little, then one day you look and you’re completely tied up,” he told radio network Jovem Pan.


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