Distressing undercover footage shows beagle puppies whimpering in pain and monkeys in neck restraints as they are force-fed at US testing lab

At least 80 beagle puppies were used in the toxicity testing and forced to ingest the chemicals via a stomach tube every day for months, it is claimed. The dogs were later filmed in their small cages whimpering and staggering in pain – with one seen collapsed on the floor – according to the charity.

‘The investigator witnessed dogs continuing to be given doses of substances even when they were vomiting, shaking and had high fevers and laboured breathing,’ the Humane Society said.

Video also shows monkeys held by the neck in restraint chairs, with their hands and feet splayed and bound, whilst they were given drugs, the Humane Society said. A pair of monkeys could be seen cuddling at the back of their cage in the footage.

The investigator claimed that during the investigation, which took place from August 2021 and March 2022, at least two monkeys accidentally hanged themselves in the restraint chairs.

The lab veterinarian was also accused of failing to assess or treat severely sick dogs and monkeys – despite them wailing in pain.



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