Ukraine’s top opposition party banned


Ukraine’s Opposition Platform – For Life (OPPL) party was officially banned by a Ukrainian court on Monday. The Ministry of Justice announced on Facebook that all of its assets, property, and funds are to be transferred to the state.

The ruling to ban the party was carried out by the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeals in the western city of Lviv, following a request from the Ministry of Justice. The OPPL had all of its operations suspended by the authorities in Kiev in March after the launch of Moscow’s military operation, and the party and its leaders were accused of having ties to Russia and being “anti-Ukrainian.”


Last week, Ukrainian courts banned two more political movements – the Left Opposition and the Party of Shariy – both of which were previously featured on the list of 11 political factions suspended by Ukraine’s Security Council.

Zelensky outlaws more Ukrainian opposition parties

 Zelensky outlaws more Ukrainian opposition parties

On May 14, President Zelensky signed into law a bill that simplifies the process of banning political parties deemed to be ‘anti-Ukrainian’. Under the law, any party that opposes or challenges the official position of the government, especially when it comes to the ongoing conflict with Moscow, can have its operations banned and assets seized by a court ruling that cannot be appealed.

The bill outlaws denial of the ‘aggression against Ukraine’, or referring to the conflict as ‘internal’ or a ‘civil war’. It also prohibits positive statements regarding the ‘aggressors’, and makes it illegal to refer to the forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics as ‘insurgents’, insisting that they should be called ‘terrorists’.


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