“Let’s Kill All the Lawyers”- The REAL Trouble with the Trump Indictment

by Michael Lesher

Peel away all the flatulent rhetoric and the tedious repetition of details, and what’s left of the indictment is the claim that Trump and his lawyers are criminals because – and only because – they offered the government and the courts an unpersuasive legal theory for challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

If they can be convicted for that, the rule of law in the US political system is at an end. It’s that simple – and that serious.


But it’s one thing for a judge to reject some lawyers’ last-ditch effort to protect their client’s position. It’s an entirely different matter to threaten them with racketeering convictions because they offended a powerful political organization – in this case, the Democratic Party. Legal debates – and defeats – are part of a healthy democratic society.

Criminalizing legal challenges to political processes is a weapon of the sworn enemies of constitutional government, whether their names are Dick the Butcher, Adolf Hitler, Joe Biden, or Fani Willis.



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