Sharp rise in attacks on LGBTQ in Berlin


Owner of a gay club in the German capital has reported an uptick in hate crimes amid plans to open a migrant shelter across street:

Berlin has seen a spike in the number of attacks on LGBTQ persons at the hands of migrants recently, the owner of a gay club has claimed, as reported by Bild. The woman cited the alleged trend while also criticizing authorities’ plans to open a shelter for hundreds of newcomers from Muslim-majority countries next to her establishment.

Bild’s report on Saturday quoted an open letter to Mayor of Berlin Kai Wegner from Carla Pahlau, the owner of ‘Busche’ club, who warned that “over the past months the number of offenses against homosexual people increased enormously.” She claimed that the “predominant number of offenders are migrants with Muslim background.”  

Pahlau expressed concern for the safety of her club’s patrons should the city go ahead with its plan to establish a shelter across the street from her club for up to 650 migrants from Türkiye, Syria and Afghanistan.


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