Israel’s assault on Gaza echoes Franco’s white terror for Spaniards

By BALA CHAMBERS   Led by social movements who understand the plight of the Palestinian people, Spain’s government has cut arms sales and pledged continued funding for a vital aid agency as thousands have taken to the streets to denounce the onslaught in Gaza. In December, a few months into Israel’s large-scale onslaught on Gaza, […]

‘Enough is enough’: Australian PM denounces US, UK legal pursuit of Assange

15 Feb 2024   Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has slammed the years-long United States and British legal pursuit of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ahead of a court ruling on his appeal against extradition next week. Albanese said on Thursday that the country as a whole shared the view that “enough is enough”. Assange, 52, […]

World leaders warn Israel against ‘catastrophic’ Rafah ground offensive

Australia, Canada, New Zealand say ‘there is nowhere else for civilians to go’ and urge Israel to ‘listen to its friends’. 15 Feb 2024 World leaders are ratcheting up pressure on Israel to abandon its plans for a ground offensive in Rafah as an exodus from the southern Gaza city once declared a “safe zone” […]

Texas should be renamed ‘Ukraine’ – US congressman

RT Speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, Chip Roy proposed submitting a bill to rename the state of Texas as Ukraine, quipping that “then, maybe this administration and senators will work on securing the border of the United States.” “I’ve never seen the nursing home known as the United States Senate work harder than when […]

Biden must be removed – West Virginia’s Attorney General

RT West Virginia’s Patrick Morrisey has urged Vice President Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare the president unfit for office West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has called on US Vice President Kamala Harris to declare Joe Biden physically unable to perform his duties as president. The demand was issued in a […]

Donald Tusk: mass migration is a ‘civilisational threat’

By Unherd Staff Donald Tusk, Poland’s new prime minister, said mass migration was a civilisational threat in a Sunday speech. “Please believe me – and I say this also looking at what is happening in the US today – this is a question of the survival of our Western civilisation,” Tusk said, according to Notes from Poland. “We […]

The List: 64 Ways Joe Biden Opened America’s Borders to Millions of Invaders

John Binder 10 Feb 2024 Since President Joe Biden took office in late January 2021, his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has worked tirelessly to transform the United States-Mexico border into a European-style checkpoint where border crossers and illegal aliens are briefly detained before being released into American cities and towns. Biden’s policies have been […]

A Move On Rafah Might Be The Spark That Ignites A Bigger Explosion

Moon of Alabama (MoA) The Middle East is short of exploding. Report: Egypt warns Israel Rafah offensive may lead to suspension of peace treaty – Times of Israel, Feb 10 2024 Egypt and Saudi Arabia have added their voices to a rising tide of criticism of a planned Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip’s […]

TUCKER: The Last American Journalist and a War to Break America

By Dr. Joseph Sansone Tucker Carlson’s interview of Russian President Vladimer Putin has faced viscous (sic) assault from government/corporate controlled fake news outlets and personalities. The Pfizer pimps are in rampage mode. Attacks range from calling Tucker Carlson a useful idiot to a Putin stooge and Putin Pawn and propogandist (sic) along with the constant […]

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