Naomi Wolf: Biden Is Going To Give The Millions Coming Across The Border Weapons To Attack Americans

Dr. Naomi Wolf outlines how the Biden administration is allowing millions of fighting age men to cross the border to form an army to attack the American people.  

Ukraine, Part II — The Occidental Observer

by Albemarle Man Having in my previous article outlined the political and ethnic shenanigans leading up to the Ukraine conflict, this article examines in some granular detail the current progress of the war in light of what appears to be previously recognized limitations in the Russian logistics chain and the development of their war doctrine, including the use […]

Biden’s Decision to Give Millions to Help Feed People Overseas Will Result in Increased Prices at Home

by Joe Hoft Biden purchase millions of tons of grain for people in other countries in response to expected food shortages.  However, his actions will drive up the cost of food further in the United States as a result.  

Is the West at war with disinformation or dissent?

Rachel Marsden is a columnist, political strategist, and host of independently produced talk-shows in French and English. It’s one thing to correct inaccurate information, but this new entity seems more oriented towards narrative-policing that cracks down on the interpretation of information rather than the accuracy of it. Headed by a former communications advisor to the Ukrainian […]

Opinion: It’s time Russia and NATO stop playing games with nuclear war

Opinion by Dr. Ira Helfand and Michael Christ, CNN This capacity for mutually assured destruction was supposed to guarantee that no leader would ever use nuclear weapons. But as former US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara warned, we have not survived this far into the nuclear weapons era because of wise leaders, sound military doctrine or infallible technology. “We […]

BOOM! Elon Musk Outs Media Matters as Source of Threats to Twitter Advertisers

By Jim Hoft Published May 3, 2022 Soros-funded Media Matters and several leftist groups like Matt Rivitz from Sleeping Giants have been harassing American corporations for years to quit advertising with conservative platforms, websites and businesses. On Tuesday Matt Rivitz was exposed as the Far Left operative behind anti-conservative hate group Sleeping Giants. Sleeping Giants has […]

PayPal seizes alternative media site’s money

Payment processor PayPal has frozen alternative media powerhouse Consortium News’ (CN) donation page without warning, confiscating the site’s $9,348.14 balance with no explanation beyond the claim that “an investigation and review” of the site’s “history” found “some potential risk associated with this account.” CN was informed via email on Sunday that it couldn’t use PayPal anymore and told […]

An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm

“Censorship is the last resort of desperate and unpopular regimes. It magically appears to make a crisis go away. It comforts the powerful with the narrative they want to hear, one fed back to them by courtiers in the media, government agencies, think tanks, and academia.” – Chris Hedges by Alan Macleod <snip> MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA […]

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