‘America Has All the Bases Set for Civil War’

British author Douglas Murray, author of The Madness of Crowds, told Breitbart:

I can tell you what the Chinese hegemony is going to look like based on its treatment of the Uighur Muslims. China is not going to be great for BLM. Chinese isn’t going to be great for trans. China isn’t going to be great for micro-aggression people.

Watch: Murray discusses a feared American Civil War

“Another portion of the country believes the country should be regarded as having been founded when the first slaves were brought to the continent, that the the founding fathers were merely slave owners, that all the land is stolen, that Columbus would have been better had he not set out and that everything since has been racism and evil.”

It’s puzzling that the Democrats and RINO’s and Antifa want to keep inviting millions more immigrants to live on this “stolen land”, more or less confirming that “everything since has been racist and evil.” It’s like a car thief trying to sell or give a stolen car to an unsuspecting person, making them complicit in the theft.  If one felt guilt for living on stolen land, why would they multiply the crime by flooding the stolen land with more invaders?  — S. Byron Gassaway

A Tale of Two Mass Gatherings: Sturgis ‘Super Spreader’ Bike Rally vs. Black Lives Matter ‘Fiery but Mostly Peaceful’ Protests

Robert Bridge

Judging by the way the media and medical authorities are reprimanding public events organized by right-leaning organizations, it appears beyond doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is being used as a political weapon to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In early August, an estimated 460,000 motorcyclists took part in the annual pilgrimage to South Dakota. The Sturgis Biker Rally, which has been a major draw since 1938, is a 10-day event that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, much of it made on alcohol-fueled fun and revelry. In other words, as the party poopers would say, the ideal conditions for a deadly virus to sweep through a broad swath of the population, leaving behind incalculable loss of life in its wake.

So now that the coronavirus has surpassed its Sturgis incubation period, how many reckless bikers lost their lives for not honoring social-distancing protocols at crowded hotspots for multiple days and nights on end? You may want to have a seat, this will shock you. The current death rate stands at just one (1) person. That’s right, as USA Today reported, the unidentified victim was a “Minnesota man…in his 60s and had underlying health conditions.” In other words, not exactly the sort of outcome one would expect under a code-red pandemic.

Nevertheless, a study by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics (which receives its funding, oddly enough, from Deutsche Post) has described the biker rally as a coronavirus “super spreading event” that led to an estimated $12.2 billion in public health costs. I repeat, $12.2 billion dollars all on a single Covid-related fatality. While not denying that all lives matter, that seems a bit over the top. So how did it happen?



“We HOPE THEY DIE”: Blocking emergency room and wishing death on ambushed officers may be final straw in BLM’s PR suicide


Black Lives Matter may finally have found its bridge too far – the point of absurdity and overreaching vileness that finally destroys support for the “Marxist” political movement in all but the most extreme reaches of the left.

BLM has offered up many self-fails in recent weeks, the sort of anecdotes that stick in the minds of observers and turn the tide of public opinion against a cause that millions of Americans were eager to support initially. Even more than the group’s nonsensical demands — such as defunding police departments and “remaking” the US political system – its tactics are making it impossible for politically independent Americans to support.


‘Pathetic, spineless, dumb’: Edinburgh University CANCELS dead genius David Hume

Edinburgh University has stripped David Hume’s name from one of its buildings, saying that the 18th century philosopher’s views on race caused “distress” to students. The university has been blasted for ‘cancelling’ a “genius.”

Hume, however, is now the latest victim of ‘cancel culture.’ In a letter to students this weekend, Edinburgh University announced it would rename David Hume Tower as 40 George Square. The decision was made by a group of anti-racist committees, who concluded that Hume’s comments on race “rightly cause distress today.”  The new name is temporary, and may become permanent after a review by the university.

Prior to the renaming, students petitioned the university to name the 14-storey building after Julius Nyerere, the first president of independent Tanzania and a graduate of the university. Though they decried Hume’s “racist epithets,” the effort to rename the tower after Nyerre ran into trouble when the students discovered the Tanzanian leader’s “ties to dictatorship” and “homophobia.”


Also cancelled:

‘You thought it would stop at statues?’ Darwin exhibits at UK’s Natural History Museum may be canceled for being ‘offensive’

The UK’s Natural History Museum is reviewing options for its Charles Darwin exhibits, including possible removal, after an internal review ordered amid Black Lives Matter protests found that they could be deemed “offensive.”

The museum’s directors are scrutinizing collections that may be considered “problematic,” which could lead to removal or lesser remedies, such as renaming, The Telegraph reported, citing internal documents. Artifacts from the father of evolutionary theory are among the suspects because Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands on HMS ‘Beagle’ was one of the UK’s “colonialist scientific expeditions.”

“In light of Black Lives Matter and the recent anti-racist demonstrations around the world,” the museum is re-evaluating room names, collections and statues to root out any that “could potentially cause offense.” A large wing of the museum is named after Darwin, and a statue of the naturalist stands in the museum’s main hall.


George Orwell was quite prophetic it seems “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped.”


Who Will Tell the Truth About Joe Biden?

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

September 13, 2020

The inability of the mainstream media to accurately cover any of Joe Biden’s foibles is truly astonishing. If it was not already obvious by now, there is simply nothing Biden can say or do, no matter how incoherent, offensive, or alarming that would cause the current crop of “objective journalists” in the mainstream media, to even consider asking whether or not he has the mental capacity to be president of the United States….


Facebook says it’ll REMOVE all posts alleging Oregon fires ‘were started by certain groups’


If they know who it isn’t, they must know who it is. If they do not know who it is, then they cannot know who it isn’t.  How could it possibly “divert resources” from *firefighting* for *police* to assign a few spokespersons to the task of announcing the outrageously premature elimination as possible Oregon arson suspects the same miscreants who have spent the last three months committing countless arsons in Oregon?


Black Activists Applaud Defunding of “Critical Race Theory” Training

Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network applauded the Trump Administration for seeking to defund all federal training rooted in “critical race theory,” a radical philosophy promoting a false notion of systemic American racism and pitting races against each other.


MSM’s attempts to spin Trump’s attacks on senseless wars as disrespect for military at large are a dismal distortion of reality

The New York Times and CNN are desperate to paint Donald Trump as an enemy of the military, due to his desire not to get involved in pointless wars. But this is simply not true, and Trump has the backing of many soldiers.

Someone should tell the New York Times, CNN and other mainstream media outlets that soldiers don’t actually like getting killed or maimed for no good reason. Nor do they like generals and presidents who spill their blood in vain.

Alas, ignorance of these obvious truths probably isn’t the issue. This is likely just another case of the biggest names in news pretending to not get the point so they can take the rest of us along for a ride in their confidence game of alternative reality.

The latest example is the New York Times spinning President Donald Trump’s critique this week of Pentagon leadership and the military industrial complex as disrespect for the military at large. “Trump has lost the right and authority to be commander in chief,”the Times quoted retired US Marines General Anthony Zinni as saying. Zinni cited Trump’s alleged “despicable comments” about the nation’s war dead – reported last week by The Atlantic, citing anonymous sources – as one of the reasons Trump “must go.”


Trump also has turned around the VA hospital system, ending decades of neglect that left many veterans to die on waiting lists.

Like past campaigns to oust Trump, the notion that he’s not sufficiently devoted to the troops might be a tough sell. No matter how good their words may sound, the people who promote endless wars without clear objectives aren’t true supporters of the rank and file.


How Can the Deep State’s Antifa Organization Be Stopped?

Joaquin Flores

Remove Antifa’s Funding Sources and de facto Leaders

Antifa is a terror organization operationalized and functionally created by the deep state. One of the front group NGOs that funnels money to Antifa is ‘Democracy Alliance’, which has Kamala Harris, George Soros, Tom Steyer, BLM Corporation, and many more, as members or backers. BLM Corporation is heavily financed by George Soros. Any number of the backers, members of ‘Democracy Alliance’ and similar, form an interconnected web of organizations apparently financing each other – until one locates a critical billionaire oligarch or their front – such as the Ford Foundation, the Kellog Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg, Soros through Open Society Foundations, and the likes. There are also many thousands of smaller – though quite sizable – donations from relatively wealthy individuals with histories of donating to center-left causes.

The other components of Democracy Alliance are organized labor and elected politicians – a critical component because the staff organizers of labor unions are professionally trained in organizing, and turn-out. They work in spheres both electoral and street activism.

This was realized in the nexus between SEIU and the Bernie Sanders campaign, whose moneys came through both COPA/COPE moneys from labor, and from Act Blue donations to Sanders – which in turn went to the Working Families Party and Our Revolution.


And so with Antifa, as with anything else, we have to assess which class it works in the interests of and, perhaps more clearly, which class finances its activities. In the case of Antifa, we will be repeating, it is a billionaire-oligarch machine used in demagogic ways as part of a strategy of tension, and indistinguishable in that sense to both pre-war and post-war fascism itself.

In that sense which a RICO type prosecution can establish, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is Antifa’s ‘Minister of Information’. George Soros is its ‘Chief Financial Officer’.

Antifa members/adherents need to be liberated from the toxicity of Antifa’s methods, and from the yolk of the billionaire-philanthropic, NGO and DNC ecosystem which keeps them ensnared.

As far as this goes, donations to BLM were done through ActBlue – the DNC’s primary online donations system. Through this and parallel BLM related NGOs and charities, Antifa rioters had their bail posted using BLM moneys. In that sense, Antifa is how whites involve in BLM riots, but the ‘capture and release’ policy which Antifa enjoys is carried out under the auspices of local government leniency towards BLM, not Antifa, since Antifa does not exist as on organization outside of how prosecutors will use RICO to establish it as such.

Remember, there were very few Antifa manifestations, largely these were carried out under the BLM banner and using BLM funding to acquire permits, pay for police overtime where applicable, funds for city clean-up afterwards, and BLM funds for legal needs were used a well. Regarding property damage, there will no doubt be strong evidence revealed that large property investment firms involved in urban renewal and gentrification projects had, at the very least, foreknowledge that arson-riots would ensue.


U-Haul Introduces Armored War Rigs For Californians Trying To Flee State’s Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

CALIFORNIA—To help meet the demand of millions of people desperately trying to escape the dark, ravaged wasteland of California, U-Haul is introducing a new product in its moving van line-up: the War Rig. These weaponized, armored moving vehicles will ensure you and your belongings stay safe during the long and perilous journey out of the state.