A couple of insightful articles pertaining to the real reasons behind the de-fund the police movement

I had read this somewhere before, that the move to de-fund the police is meant to replace them with privately funded police that answer to people who don’t believe in democracy.  —  S. Byron Gassaway

What do you think of this 60 minute limit for anyone leaving their house to exercise, and a rule forbidding people from going more than 3.1 miles from their home?  How do the police control each person’s workout? What happens if you take a ninety minute walk? Are you sentenced to the firing squad?

The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews says: “Simply accept the fact that we have a need for rules … they’re not about individual liberty,  they’re about public health.”  There you have it–it’s not about INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY it’s about health.  So it’s been determined by bureaucrats your individual liberty is a mere bourgeois obsession…….get over it.


​Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE

Dig a little deeper and it becomes obvious as to what’s happening in Victoria.
Daniel Andrews has also sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN).
What is Strong Cities Network?
The privatisation of a Police Force governed by global NGO’s. And Victoria is the only state in Australia to sign on.
Why do you think the Police at Melbourne’s Freedom Day Rally acted like goons, were dressed in black and didn’t have the Australian logo on their uniforms?

It’s Not Him. It’s You. How to understand the enduring Trump-hatred.


Bruce Bawer

I know you. You’re somebody I know well or slightly or only as a public figure, and you hate Trump.

No, you’re not out rioting and destroying and burning, but you’re doing your part. You ruin your TV shows or podcasts, which are purportedly about non-political topics and which I otherwise enjoy, by interjecting Democratic rah-rah rhetoric. One of you, for example, in the middle of a podcast about old movies and TV, broke without warning into a pro-Democratic rant, expressing the urgent hope that Texas will “turn blue” in November. Two others, on a podcast about the arts, actually asserted that the Democratic convention was splendidly produced and deeply moving.

Consistently, you talk about politics as if it were still, I don’t know, 1990, or earlier, when there were Republicans like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond on the Hill, when there were no socialists or sharia advocates in the House Democratic caucus, and when nobody had ever heard of gender non-binaries.

Some of you don’t have TV shows or podcasts. You’re just ordinary citizens, friends or acquaintances of mine who sit at home and reflexively share anti-Trump memes on your social-media accounts. Most of those memes misrepresent facts that I damn well know you haven’t got a clue about, one way or the other. You don’t seem interested in learning the facts. You just want to hammer Trump. Facts or lies, it doesn’t matter. For some reason, it makes you feel good.


Princeton president’s letter decrying ‘racism’ of institution BACKFIRES as Dept of Education announces investigation of university


The Department of Education has announced it will investigate Princeton University after President Christopher Eisgruber wrote a letter decrying his school’s “racism” and the US’s “anti-blackness.”

A formal records request has been sent to the university to make sure they are not using racist practices and violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which says that no person “on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

If found guilty of any misdoings, the university could therefore lose millions in funds they receive from the federal government.


“Racism and the damage it does to people of color persist at Princeton,” he continued, adding that “racist assumptions” are “embedded in the structures of the university itself.” In his letter, Eisguiber promised a series of policy changes, including efforts to create diversity quotas for students and faculty.

In the Department of Education’s letter to the school, which was obtained by The Washington Examiner, they say it is the “admitted racism” in Eisgruber’s letter that has spurred the investigation.

“Based on its admitted racism, the US Department of Education is concerned Princeton’s nondiscrimination and equal opportunity assurances in its Program Participation Agreements from at least 2013 to the present may have been false,” the letter reads.



Will a Military Coup Undo the November Elections, Donald Trump and the Republic Itself?

Matthew Ehret

Warning of a military coup, Col. Black stated “The coordinated release of scathing remarks by senior officials coupled with publication of a letter advocating a military coup suggests a deep sickness within the Pentagon and within our constitutional structure.”

As RT reported, between 2008-2018, 380 high ranking pentagon officials have been hired by defense contractors including 25 generals, 9 admirals, 43 Lieutenant Generals and 23 Vice Admirals… which provides just one sampling of the potential for treachery prevalent within the sick constitutional structure.

Other Soros-affiliated operations have sprung forth on multiple fronts to ensure maximum instability leading up to the elections. Beyond the obvious anarchy operations within the streets of America itself, a Canadian-based Soros-funded anarchist group called the Adbusters/Blackspot Collective which claims credit for coordinating Occupy Wall Street in 2010 has unleashed a 60-day “Lay Siege to the White House” offensive beginning on September 17.


‘America Has All the Bases Set for Civil War’

British author Douglas Murray, author of The Madness of Crowds, told Breitbart:

I can tell you what the Chinese hegemony is going to look like based on its treatment of the Uighur Muslims. China is not going to be great for BLM. Chinese isn’t going to be great for trans. China isn’t going to be great for micro-aggression people.

Watch: Murray discusses a feared American Civil War

“Another portion of the country believes the country should be regarded as having been founded when the first slaves were brought to the continent, that the the founding fathers were merely slave owners, that all the land is stolen, that Columbus would have been better had he not set out and that everything since has been racism and evil.”

It’s puzzling that the Democrats and RINO’s and Antifa want to keep inviting millions more immigrants to live on this “stolen land”, more or less confirming that “everything since has been racist and evil.” It’s like a car thief trying to sell or give a stolen car to an unsuspecting person, making them complicit in the theft.  If one felt guilt for living on stolen land, why would they multiply the crime by flooding the stolen land with more invaders?  — S. Byron Gassaway

A Tale of Two Mass Gatherings: Sturgis ‘Super Spreader’ Bike Rally vs. Black Lives Matter ‘Fiery but Mostly Peaceful’ Protests

Robert Bridge

Judging by the way the media and medical authorities are reprimanding public events organized by right-leaning organizations, it appears beyond doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is being used as a political weapon to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In early August, an estimated 460,000 motorcyclists took part in the annual pilgrimage to South Dakota. The Sturgis Biker Rally, which has been a major draw since 1938, is a 10-day event that generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, much of it made on alcohol-fueled fun and revelry. In other words, as the party poopers would say, the ideal conditions for a deadly virus to sweep through a broad swath of the population, leaving behind incalculable loss of life in its wake.

So now that the coronavirus has surpassed its Sturgis incubation period, how many reckless bikers lost their lives for not honoring social-distancing protocols at crowded hotspots for multiple days and nights on end? You may want to have a seat, this will shock you. The current death rate stands at just one (1) person. That’s right, as USA Today reported, the unidentified victim was a “Minnesota man…in his 60s and had underlying health conditions.” In other words, not exactly the sort of outcome one would expect under a code-red pandemic.

Nevertheless, a study by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics (which receives its funding, oddly enough, from Deutsche Post) has described the biker rally as a coronavirus “super spreading event” that led to an estimated $12.2 billion in public health costs. I repeat, $12.2 billion dollars all on a single Covid-related fatality. While not denying that all lives matter, that seems a bit over the top. So how did it happen?



“We HOPE THEY DIE”: Blocking emergency room and wishing death on ambushed officers may be final straw in BLM’s PR suicide


Black Lives Matter may finally have found its bridge too far – the point of absurdity and overreaching vileness that finally destroys support for the “Marxist” political movement in all but the most extreme reaches of the left.

BLM has offered up many self-fails in recent weeks, the sort of anecdotes that stick in the minds of observers and turn the tide of public opinion against a cause that millions of Americans were eager to support initially. Even more than the group’s nonsensical demands — such as defunding police departments and “remaking” the US political system – its tactics are making it impossible for politically independent Americans to support.


‘Pathetic, spineless, dumb’: Edinburgh University CANCELS dead genius David Hume

Edinburgh University has stripped David Hume’s name from one of its buildings, saying that the 18th century philosopher’s views on race caused “distress” to students. The university has been blasted for ‘cancelling’ a “genius.”

Hume, however, is now the latest victim of ‘cancel culture.’ In a letter to students this weekend, Edinburgh University announced it would rename David Hume Tower as 40 George Square. The decision was made by a group of anti-racist committees, who concluded that Hume’s comments on race “rightly cause distress today.”  The new name is temporary, and may become permanent after a review by the university.

Prior to the renaming, students petitioned the university to name the 14-storey building after Julius Nyerere, the first president of independent Tanzania and a graduate of the university. Though they decried Hume’s “racist epithets,” the effort to rename the tower after Nyerre ran into trouble when the students discovered the Tanzanian leader’s “ties to dictatorship” and “homophobia.”


Also cancelled:

‘You thought it would stop at statues?’ Darwin exhibits at UK’s Natural History Museum may be canceled for being ‘offensive’

The UK’s Natural History Museum is reviewing options for its Charles Darwin exhibits, including possible removal, after an internal review ordered amid Black Lives Matter protests found that they could be deemed “offensive.”

The museum’s directors are scrutinizing collections that may be considered “problematic,” which could lead to removal or lesser remedies, such as renaming, The Telegraph reported, citing internal documents. Artifacts from the father of evolutionary theory are among the suspects because Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands on HMS ‘Beagle’ was one of the UK’s “colonialist scientific expeditions.”

“In light of Black Lives Matter and the recent anti-racist demonstrations around the world,” the museum is re-evaluating room names, collections and statues to root out any that “could potentially cause offense.” A large wing of the museum is named after Darwin, and a statue of the naturalist stands in the museum’s main hall.


George Orwell was quite prophetic it seems “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped.”


Who Will Tell the Truth About Joe Biden?

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

September 13, 2020

The inability of the mainstream media to accurately cover any of Joe Biden’s foibles is truly astonishing. If it was not already obvious by now, there is simply nothing Biden can say or do, no matter how incoherent, offensive, or alarming that would cause the current crop of “objective journalists” in the mainstream media, to even consider asking whether or not he has the mental capacity to be president of the United States….