Who are all these thousands of unvetted Venezuelan migrants marching into Eagle Pass?

By Monica Showalter American Thinker Lonely Planet warned indeed about not going to the Caracas slums, but odds are, these are the Caracas slums — coming to us, bringing Chavista values and all the socialism that flows from it. Hugo Chavez always dreamed of conquering America and occasionally said he would even camp out at the U.S. border with […]

Russian Submarine Shows Massive Damage After Ukrainian Strike

The War Zone  By Thomas Newdick Photos that began to circulate on social media today purportedly show the significant damage sustained by a Russian Navy Kilo class diesel-electric attack submarine after a reported Ukrainian cruise missile strike last week. The Kilo class boat, together with a Ropucha class landing ship, had been in dry dock […]

The Great Demographic Replacement

Dismissed by some as a conspiracy theory, the invasion of Europe, Canada and the United States of America is real: EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 1,500 Migrants Cross into Texas Border Town in 6 Hours https://www.breitbart.com/border/2023/09/18/exclusive-photos-1500-migrants-cross-into-texas-border-town-in-6-hours/ Stunning Videos From Mexico of Open Train Cars Taking Hordes of Migrants to Biden’s Open US Border https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/stunning-videos-mexico-open-train-cars-taking-hordes/ EU chief promises ‘action […]

Continental Shift

LRC LewRockwell.com There was a massive earthquake last week that has forever changed the world. It registered as a G20 on the geopolitical scale. No, it wasn’t in Morocco. In fact, one occurred in South Africa and the other in India, and they have changed the balance of power for the foreseeable future. <snip> Events at the G20 and […]

Blinken: US Does Not Oppose Ukrainian Attacks Inside Russia With US-Supplied Missiles

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE SEP 11, 2023 “Moscow keeps saying escalatory arms transfers are unacceptable and could mean wider war; U.S. officials say since Moscow hasn’t acted on those threats, they can freely escalate. Russia is effectively told it has to escalate to show it’s serious about lines,” Marcetic added on Twitter. And it’s just so strange how this […]

Did Someone Just Try to Assassinate RFK Jr.?

BY ROBERT SPENCER 9:15 AM ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2023   Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted the shocking news on his Twitter/X account 23 minutes after midnight on Saturday morning: I’m very grateful that alert and fast-acting protectors from Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) spotted and detained an armed man who attempted to approach me at […]

Dead Wagner boss beats Zelensky to ‘Influential Jews’ list

RT The Ukrainian president does not feature in the Jerusalem Post’s new rankings after topping the table in 2022 FILE PHOTO: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky ©  Global Look Press / Filip Singer Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has not been included on this year’s 50 “most influential Jews” list, which is compiled annually by the prominent Israeli Jerusalem Post newspaper. Zelensky topped […]

Elon Musk was right to cede Starlink access to Pentagon, says biographer

The New Voice of Ukraine Wed, September 13, 2023 at 2:00 PM PDT U.S. billionaire Elon Musk has agreed to sell a portion of Starlink assets to the U.S. Department of Defense, removing himself from decision-making regarding geofencing Ukraine’s access to the satellite internet service, Musk’s biographer Walter Isaacson told The Washington Post on Sept. 13. Read […]

Explosion of Train Car Carrying Perchloric Acid Triggers Four-Mile Evacuation Zone in Nebraska

Gateway Pundit Union Pacific Railroad confirmed to the Daily Mail that the explosion occurred within a container, causing several railcars to catch fire. Importantly, the railcar had not derailed and had been stationary in the yard for several hours before the incident. The company reassured the public that no personnel were injured in the blast. […]

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