Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown Declares State of Emergency in Portland for 1st Time over Antifa Counter-Protest

By Penny Starr

Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown has declared a state of emergency in Portland for the first time, apparently in response to the anticipated arrival this weekend of right-wing protesters.

Left-wing protesters have staged almost nightly riots in the city for more than three months.

Brown’s order gives authority to the Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to control crowds expected on Saturday as the far-right Proud Boys are expected to rally in Portland.

This means that the Portland Police Bureau will follow the lead of those two law enforcement agencies,

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) reported on the development.

In a press conference announcing the decision, Brown cited a pattern that has repeatedly played out in the city when far right demonstrators hold rallies to provoke counterprotesters and soon devolve into violent street brawls.

State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton said the governor’s decision would lead to a massive influx of state troopers into North Portland, starting Saturday morning.

The governor declined to give figures for how many law enforcement officers from various agencies would be coming into the city, but said she was “confident that law enforcement is adequately resourced to tackle the situation.”

Interesting reader comment:

Johny Smith

Yet the police at all levels do NOTHING. Not bill barr when it comes to an attempted coup of a president, Hillary & the server or an FBI that is framing 30 year generals for political reasons.

Would anyone like to make a bet, that LEO’s get nasty with the American patriots that are moving to defend their state after standing by and letting the left burn the place to the ground?

Who wants to make that bet? Mark my words, LEO’s will get very violent and arrest people on the right by the thousands, while letting the people on the left burn the place to the ground!

Going to tell you all again… LEO’s are the enemy of Americans and NOTHING but paid thugs for international corporations! They have ALWAYS been that throughout history across the world! They did it for Henry Ford and the mine owners, they will do it for apple, google & bill gates.

This is why the founders provided the second and why LEO’s don’t like armed citizens. Just like a corporation… they don’t like a free market

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