BLM’s Hitlerian Heart

David Cole

Hitler’s idealism is right there in the phrase gutem Blut unserer Art. He sincerely believed that his people’s “blood” was good, and that positive things would come from the domination of Europe by that good blood. Hitler did have “civilizing ideas.” It’s just that his civilizing ideas didn’t involve partnerships with people he saw as inferior. But from his perspective, his goal was to improve Europe. You can argue that his perspective was demented, but still, from his viewpoint, he was indeed an idealist.

BLM lacks any such idealism. It’s a motley crew of “bad” blood, blood that is not only incapable of civilizing, but uninterested in doing so. Hitler was obsessed with the future; BLM doesn’t think beyond the moment. It’s like Mugabe and the white farmers: Even your ability to feed us won’t save you. We want you gone, and if we starve, we starve. That’s BLM in a nutshell, rejecting idealistic trimmings while lacking a road map for survival in the burned-out ruins of the cities it sacks.

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