Month: September 2020

A couple of insightful articles pertaining to the real reasons behind the de-fund the police movement

I had read this somewhere before, that the move to de-fund the police is meant to replace them with privately funded police that answer to people who don’t believe in democracy.  —  S. Byron Gassaway What do you think of this 60 minute limit for anyone leaving their house to exercise, and a rule forbidding […]

It’s Not Him. It’s You. How to understand the enduring Trump-hatred.

  Bruce Bawer I know you. You’re somebody I know well or slightly or only as a public figure, and you hate Trump. No, you’re not out rioting and destroying and burning, but you’re doing your part. You ruin your TV shows or podcasts, which are purportedly about non-political topics and which I otherwise enjoy, […]

Princeton president’s letter decrying ‘racism’ of institution BACKFIRES as Dept of Education announces investigation of university

RT The Department of Education has announced it will investigate Princeton University after President Christopher Eisgruber wrote a letter decrying his school’s “racism” and the US’s “anti-blackness.” A formal records request has been sent to the university to make sure they are not using racist practices and violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act […]

Will a Military Coup Undo the November Elections, Donald Trump and the Republic Itself?

Matthew Ehret Warning of a military coup, Col. Black stated “The coordinated release of scathing remarks by senior officials coupled with publication of a letter advocating a military coup suggests a deep sickness within the Pentagon and within our constitutional structure.” As RT reported, between 2008-2018, 380 high ranking pentagon officials have been hired by defense […]

A Tale of Two Mass Gatherings: Sturgis ‘Super Spreader’ Bike Rally vs. Black Lives Matter ‘Fiery but Mostly Peaceful’ Protests

Robert Bridge Judging by the way the media and medical authorities are reprimanding public events organized by right-leaning organizations, it appears beyond doubt that the coronavirus outbreak is being used as a political weapon to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. In early August, an estimated 460,000 motorcyclists took part in the annual […]

“We HOPE THEY DIE”: Blocking emergency room and wishing death on ambushed officers may be final straw in BLM’s PR suicide

RT By Tony Cox, a US journalist who has written or edited for Bloomberg and several major daily newspapers. Black Lives Matter may finally have found its bridge too far – the point of absurdity and overreaching vileness that finally destroys support for the “Marxist” political movement in all but the most extreme reaches of the […]

‘Pathetic, spineless, dumb’: Edinburgh University CANCELS dead genius David Hume

RT Edinburgh University has stripped David Hume’s name from one of its buildings, saying that the 18th century philosopher’s views on race caused “distress” to students. The university has been blasted for ‘cancelling’ a “genius.” Hume, however, is now the latest victim of ‘cancel culture.’ In a letter to students this weekend, Edinburgh University announced […]

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