‘America Has All the Bases Set for Civil War’

British author Douglas Murray, author of The Madness of Crowds, told Breitbart:

I can tell you what the Chinese hegemony is going to look like based on its treatment of the Uighur Muslims. China is not going to be great for BLM. Chinese isn’t going to be great for trans. China isn’t going to be great for micro-aggression people.

Watch: Murray discusses a feared American Civil War


“Another portion of the country believes the country should be regarded as having been founded when the first slaves were brought to the continent, that the the founding fathers were merely slave owners, that all the land is stolen, that Columbus would have been better had he not set out and that everything since has been racism and evil.”

It’s puzzling that the Democrats and RINO’s and Antifa want to keep inviting millions more immigrants to live on this “stolen land”, more or less confirming that “everything since has been racist and evil.” It’s like a car thief trying to sell or give a stolen car to an unsuspecting person, making them complicit in the theft.  If one felt guilt for living on stolen land, why would they multiply the crime by flooding the stolen land with more invaders?  — S. Byron Gassaway

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