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[Annalena] Baerbock of Germany’s fanatical obeisance to the western Zion-caliphate mentality and reckless war mongering has rewarded her with humiliation at the hands of the vile zionazi reptile Netanyahu, lobbing Nazi epithets at her in trademark israeli projection.

Baerbock would do well to consider the question posed by Anton Chigur, the psychopath hitman played superbly by Olivier Bardem in “No country for old men”:

“If the rule that you lived by has led you to this – of what use was the rule?”

Many peddlers of the rules based international order / Zionist caliphate would do well to consider the same question.

Posted by: Andrew Sarchus | Apr 25 2024 14:56 utc | 96

Annalena Baerbock

From Moon of Alabama blog:

Background information:

The German Foreign Office in Berlin had previously described a report about a heated argument between Baerbock and Netanyahu on Wednesday as misleading and claimed that “key points” in the reports about the lengthy meeting are incorrect.

The German Foreign Office did not specify what aspects of the reports were allegedly incorrect.

A journalist from the Israeli TV station Channel 13 had reported that a heated argument erupted after Baerbock objected to being shown Israeli government photos that positively depicted conditions in the Gaza Strip, and reiterated her concerns about dire humanitarian conditions there.


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