Month: January 2021

A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege | The New Yorker

TMZ Video has just surfaced — the most dramatic and upsetting by far — showing the Capitol insurrectionists storming the building as they told cops, “There’s a f***ing million of us out there. We are listening to Trump, your boss.” And as they enter the Senate Chamber you hear someone say, “While we’re here we […]

Trump’s been deleted from internet, and any one of us could be next

by Kitt Knightly We’ve been shown the wall at the back of the theater, and we’re being encouraged to cheer because the first person to run into it was Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been deleted from the internet. He hasn’t been put behind a warning or had his followers reduced, or been forced to […]

‘This is bigger than one account’: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hints at future crackdowns in leaked VIDEO after Trump booted from site

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has suggested plans for a far-reaching crackdown on his social media site in footage reportedly leaked by a company insider, implying the purge campaign would extend well beyond Joe Biden’s inauguration. In footage published by conservative muckraking outfit Project Veritas on Thursday, Dorsey hints at a major clampdown on Twitter in […]

Trump impeached for ‘record’ 2nd time

The delusional hypocrisy of the establishment nears an all-time low as war criminals condemn Trump The US Congress has voted on impeachment articles against President Donald Trump. Again. This time for “incitement of violence”, although neither the incitement, nor the violence, really appear to have actually happened. The “violence” (such as it was) refers to […]

Pelosi’s Hoodwink: Trump’s Impeachment is the Last Nail in the Coffin of Our Republic

Teodrose Fikremariam There is the chutzpah of politicians then there is the malfeasance of Nancy Pelosi. I am writing this article as I hear the two-faced and forked-tongued grifter Pelosi slither lies and infect the public airwaves with her poisonous rhetoric. Born in Baltimore, she relieved the Charm City after graduating from college only to […]

9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail

The “unknown unknown”, to evoke notorious neo-con Donald Rumsfeld, is whether the exasperated plebs will eventually reach for the pitchforks – and make the 0.0001% feudal hacienda ungovernable. And then there’s a literally smokin’ element – those half a billion guns out there. The 0.0001% knows for sure that Trump, after all, was never a […]

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