Pelosi’s Hoodwink: Trump’s Impeachment is the Last Nail in the Coffin of Our Republic

There is the chutzpah of politicians then there is the malfeasance of Nancy Pelosi. I am writing this article as I hear the two-faced and forked-tongued grifter Pelosi slither lies and infect the public airwaves with her poisonous rhetoric. Born in Baltimore, she relieved the Charm City after graduating from college only to infest San Francisco in the mid-1970’s with a brand of duplicity that is unmatched in the Golden State’s history.

Nancy Pelosi is a testament to the human spirits of hypocrisy and skullduggery. She controls the Democrat party with a mix of ruthlessness and chicanery in ways that would have made Machiavelli blush. Hearing her now as she preens on TV and pretends to be outraged at the events that unfolded last week is a theater of the absurd mixed with a production of shiftiness. What we are witnessing this afternoon is not democracy in action, it is criminality in full 1o80p HD glory. Hidden behind the dog and pony show that is the impeachment trial is a military presence is the District of Columbia the likes we have not seen since the Civil War.

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