Trump impeached for ‘record’ 2nd time

The delusional hypocrisy of the establishment nears an all-time low as war criminals condemn Trump

The US Congress has voted on impeachment articles against President Donald Trump. Again.

This time for “incitement of violence”, although neither the incitement, nor the violence, really appear to have actually happened.

The “violence” (such as it was) refers to the “riot” on Capitol Hill on January 6th. Violence which the police readily and deliberately set-up by opening barricades and allowing the “violent thugs” to walk into the capitol, where they set about taking selfies, filming the architecture and stealing Nancy Pelosi’s mail.

The “incitement” for this “violence” was equally fictional, with Trump repeatedly claiming in social media posts (all of which have since been removed by Facebook and Twitter) that the rioters should “go home in peace and love”. Trump is of course unable to publicly defend himself, having been banned by every major social media and internet platform. Along with literally thousands of his supporters.

There’s a transcript of a speech which YouTube removed from it’s platform posted here. If you can find any “incitement” in there, do please let us know.

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