Month: April 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns against ‘system of socialism for the rich’ as 2024 campaign launches

By Joshua Comins – Fox News Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned in an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that America is turning into a “system of socialism for the rich” after formally launching his 2024 Democratic presidential primary campaign Wednesday at an event in Boston. President Biden’s newest challenger is the son of Robert F. Kennedy […]

British depleted uranium a ‘terrible thing’ for Ukraine – ambassador

RT London’s decision to supply Kiev with depleted uranium (DU) ammunition will hurt the Ukrainian people the most, as they will have to live with the consequences of the toxic metal for generations, Andrey Kelin, the Russian ambassador to the UK, told RT on Wednesday. In addition to sending Ukraine main battle tanks, the British […]

EU Parliament adopts law banning products complicit in deforestation

With the adoption of new legislation, cocoa, coffee, palm oil and soya exporters must prove their products do not contribute to deforestation. The European Parliament has adopted a law that allows products to be sold in the EU only if the supplier can prove that “the product does not come from deforested land or has […]

Gold Mafia – Episode 4 – Have The King With You I Al Jazeera Investigations

Al Jazeera The net is closing on one of South Africa’s most notorious money launderers. In the final episode, the Gold Mafia boss issues a threat to anyone who breaks the oath of omertà. “What do you think is going to happen?” “They kill you, don’t they?” “Exactly,” he replies. A member of the same […]

Joe Rogan just issued a warning about artificial intelligence — after a fake version of his podcast was created 100% through AI technology.

Bethan Moorcraft Fri, April 14, 2023 at 4:40 AM MDT·4 min read Controversial podcaster Joe Rogan has issued a warning about artificial intelligence after a fake — but very realistic — version of his popular podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ was published online. The fictional episode — generated with the help of AI chatbot ChatGPT […]

Donald Trump in full: “My only crime is defending America”

Sky News 80,297 views Apr 4, 2023 #donaldtrump #skynews #unitedstates Donald Trump came out fighting as he angrily hit back over the criminal charges laid against him. Speaking in Florida hours after appearing in a New York court, the 2024 White House contender said the allegations were “election interference”. #donaldtrump #unitedstates #skynews Read more:… […]

Six bombshell facts from Elon Musk’s Twitter Files you need to know From ‘shadow-banning’ to FBI collusion, here is the most important information revealed through the Twitter Files. By Andreas Wailzer Wed Apr 5, 2023 – 5:42 pm EDT (LifeSiteNews) — Since December 2022, new Twitter owner Elon Musk has been giving selected journalists access to the internal communications of Twitter from the past few years. […]

San Francisco Chronicle Urges ‘9/11’ Response to Save Downtown from Collapse

How is “San Francisco” going to pay billions of dollars in reparations to African-Americans if it’s functionally broke? by Joel B. Pollack As Breitbart News noted last June, the Chronicle had already warned that the downtown area was in danger of “collapse” because of commercial office vacancy, a legacy of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown policies. The report […]

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