San Francisco Chronicle Urges ‘9/11’ Response to Save Downtown from Collapse

How is “San Francisco” going to pay billions of dollars in reparations to African-Americans if it’s functionally broke?

by Joel B. Pollack

As Breitbart News noted last June, the Chronicle had already warned that the downtown area was in danger of “collapse” because of commercial office vacancy, a legacy of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown policies.

The report noted:

On Friday, the Chronicle published an interactive article titled “Downtown S.F. on the brink: It’s worse than it looks.” The article invites readers on a virtual walk through the center of the city highlighting abandoned offices and empty storefronts.

The Chronicle reported: “The downtown area, the city’s primary economic driver, is teetering on the edge, facing challenges greater than previously known, new data shows. The wounds suffered by the economic core are deep, and city officials have yet to come up with a plan to make the fundamental changes that some economists and business leaders argue could make the area thrive again.” Office vacancy is up nearly 300%; convention attendance in the city is down nearly 90%.

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