Month: September 2021

Epik CEO’s live video response to hacking incident descends into complete chaos

Mikael Thalen Rob Monster sparred with journalist and hackers and even asked Jesus to rebuke the demons in the room. Rob Monster, the CEO of domain registrar and web hosting company Epik, finally responded to the massive breach of his company on Thursday evening in a bizarre and chaotic video conference. Earlier this week a […]

FAA imposes no-fly zone for drones after shocking footage shows 10,000+ “migrants” packed under Texas bridge

The US Federal Aviation Administration has barred drones from flying over a south Texas bridge where more than 10,000 migrants have gathered, preventing local media from capturing aerial footage showing conditions at the site. An FAA notice issued on Thursday evening announced a two-week no-fly zone for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) over the Del Rio […]

‘They crave his War on Terror’: Glenn Greenwald tears into liberals for praising George W. Bush’s 9/11 speech on threat ‘at home’

  “Liberals swooned emotionally all day yesterday for George W. Bush because they crave his War on Terror, but just want it unleashed domestically at their political opponents,” Greenwald declared. “Hearing Bush link 9/11 with 1/6, and compare his War on Terror with their new one, was ecstasy for them,” he argued, calling comparisons between […]

The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics

[“Freedom is Slavery”  — George Orwell’s 1984] In a New York Times op-ed this week, the group completely reversed its views, arguing vaccine mandates help civil liberties and bodily autonomy “is not absolute.” By Glenn Greenwald If you were surprised to see the ACLU heralding the civil liberties imperatives of “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine […]

What Happened With the Tumultuous Pro-Bolsonaro Protest in Brazil? Plus: a Rumble Update

Glenn Greenwald Most media narratives about the September 7 protests specifically, and this broader conflict between Bolsonaro and the Supreme Court more generally, have been highly reductive and free of context. They either cast these events as the latest steps of a maniacal dictator bent on destroying Brazilian democracy, or a righteous stand against a […]

One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest: Down Under is now a mental ward where the crazies are calling the shots over Covid

Robert Bridge Reminiscent of Nurse Ratched in Ken Kesey’s classic 1962 novel, Australian officials have completely lost the plot over the virus, as they rob citizens of their basic democratic and human rights in the name of protecting them. Eight o’clock the walls whirr and hum into full swing. The speaker in the ceiling says, […]

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