What Happened With the Tumultuous Pro-Bolsonaro Protest in Brazil? Plus: a Rumble Update

Glenn Greenwald

Most media narratives about the September 7 protests specifically, and this broader conflict between Bolsonaro and the Supreme Court more generally, have been highly reductive and free of context. They either cast these events as the latest steps of a maniacal dictator bent on destroying Brazilian democracy, or a righteous stand against a tyrannical Supreme Court bent on persecuting Bolsonaro and imprisoning his followers. While there is some truth in both of those narratives — the Brazilian Supreme Court justice in question has ordered numerous pro-Bolsonaro activists, bloggers and even a sitting member of Congress imprisoned with no proof presented at a trial, raising serious concerns even among many of Bolsonaro’s critics (including myself) — these media narratives do not remotely capture the fascinating complexities and dynamics that have shaped the Bolsonaro presidency, without which an understanding of these events is impossible.


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