Month: July 2020

Heidi Beirich Cancels Generation Identity

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 16, 2020 Around the country, violent crime and vandalism are on the rise, and the Black Lives Matter movement incites violence. However, Twitter and YouTube are not censoring BLM; they promote it. Instead, Twitter recently banned more than 50 accounts associated with Generation Identity (GI) in Europe, both of organizations […]

Michelle Malkin speaks about #DenverAnarchoTyranny with Jeff Kuhner/Boston/WRKO. The Law Enforcement Appreciation Day event in Denver that Michelle Malkin was scheduled to speak at on 7/20/20 turned into a total shit show and the BLM-loving Denver Police Chief let it happen. You can watch the full, unedited livestream here:…

Mass immigration: the most fundamental treason

Robert Henderson British Prime Minster Boris Johnson  has recently  blithely announced that  millions of Hong Kongers will  be given the right to come to  Britain on visas which grant them the right to stay for five years  working, studying or whatever. At  the end of  five years  these people will be able to apply for British citizenship. […]

Trump says he wants to help Portland, accuses local officials of allowing ‘anarchists & agitators’ to take control of the city

RT As the animosity between law enforcement and protesters grows, city and state officials have seemingly taken the side of the protesters, condemning the presence of federal agents charged with protecting Portland’s federal courthouse. Mayor Ted Wheeler banned federal officers from sharing headquarters with city police after personnel from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) […]

Pompeo: C.C.P. ‘Must Be Gleeful’ over 1619 Project – Rioters Destroying Statues Believe Its ‘False Doctrines’

Pompeo continued, “But crucially, crucially the nation’s founding principles gave us a standard by which we could see the gravity of our failings and a political framework that gave us the tools to ultimately abolish slavery and enshrine into law equality without regard to race. You don’t always hear these ground truths today. Nor do […]

News from down Mexico way

Absurdo/Absurd! Was the RPG authentic in 2015 that shot down a military helicopter? #Mencho’s weapons are much more powerful now, he has a war weapon cache. While gob “analyzes”, homicides are record-breaking.#CJNG #Jalisco Asia & Europe including Eastern Europe, through the porous southern [MX] border. Mencho has war weaponry that would blow your mind. […]

Max Blumenthal says that signatories of the “Cancel Culture” letter fail to practice what they preach, while fueling an internecine liberal debate that sidelines vital issues and cancels foreign lives.

Pushback with Aaron Maté Aaron Maté is a journalist and producer. He hosts Pushback with Aaron Maté on The Grayzone. He is also is contributor to The Nation magazine and former host/producer for The Real News and Democracy Now!. Aaron has also presented and produced for Vice, AJ+, and Al Jazeera. A recent open letter […]

Open letter against ‘cancel culture’ backed by ‘frauds,’ says Glenn Greenwald after authors ‘outvote’ him from signers list

RT “It’s been obvious from the start that the letter was signed by frauds eager to protect their own status, not the principles,” Greenwald tweeted on Saturday. Many of the signatories have “been at the forefront of ‘canceling,’” he continued, “but are only petulantly objecting because they now hear criticisms.” 1/ Regarding the apparent fact […]

Virus cases in border counties are surging, and the government hasn’t told us how many migrants are sick

Daniel Horowitz 85364. It’s the zip code with the most COVID-19 cases in the state of Arizona. It’s not in the population center of Phoenix, but in Yuma, right at the Mexican border. It is also the home of Yuma Regional Medical Center, which has likely received cases from across the border. As the New York Times reported in […]

Making great movies in Hollywood is difficult. Anti-white racism will make it impossible

Michael McCaffrey Hollywood’s suffocating new wave of identity politics targets white men, and movies and TV will suffer significantly as a result. Hollywood, despite its reputation as a liberal bastion, has long been a hothouse of vicious reactionary sentiments. For example, the anti-communist mania of the late 1940s and ‘50s was a particularly shameful time […]

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