Open letter against ‘cancel culture’ backed by ‘frauds,’ says Glenn Greenwald after authors ‘outvote’ him from signers list


“It’s been obvious from the start that the letter was signed by frauds eager to protect their own status, not the principles,” Greenwald tweeted on Saturday. Many of the signatories have “been at the forefront of ‘canceling,’” he continued, “but are only petulantly objecting because they now hear criticisms.”

Greenwald is not the first commentator to scoff at the letter. Author and podcaster Dave Rubin called it a “silly, self-important letter by liberals who will sit and watch the world burn rather than turn to their conservative counterparts for help on how to fix it.” Journalist Michael Tracey called it “incredibly lame and intended primarily to flatter the egos of the signatories.”

As for the views that got Greenwald sidelined, that much is unknown. Greenwald was a persistent critic of both the Bush and Obama administrations, and, while he’s been critical of Trump, he’s ridiculed those pushing the ‘Russiagate’ investigation against him. Unlike many on the list, Greenwald has also defended Julian Assange and condemned Israel’s foreign policy and influence on US politics.

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