Month: June 2020

Two people shot in #CHOP this morning

[Based upon this FB video, the area looks like a Third World city, much like contemporary Johannesburg, South Africa.  It shows how quickly an area can deteriorate under anarchy and chaos. — S. Byron Gassaway] US police are investigating a shooting that left one dead and another with life-threatening injuries in the so-called Capitol […]

COVID-19 Cold War: Will the 2nd Wave Come from Vaccine Trials?

By: Dady Chery An FDA “fast-track” designation has essentially accorded a carte blanche to a set of vaccines that are financed by CEPI, an alliance of Bill Gates with the six biggest pharmaceutical companies If the English-language press had done its job, and not parroted press releases that promote vaccination as the only escape from […]

It is happening: domain-level censorship

Fred Elbel This is required reading in these Marxist times. I honestly thought this would never happen, but domain-level censorship has begun. ———————— Internet overview ———————— When someone has a website, blog, or other presence on the internet, there are three components to that presence: 1. The domain name registration. The domain name is registered […]

Portland protesters tear down statue of George Washington, drape it with burning US flag

Activists in Portland have torn down a statue of George Washington after covering its head with a flaming US flag during the latest night of protests sweeping the city. At roughly 11pm local time on Thursday, a group of some 30 to 40 protesters initially vandalized the statue, located on the lawn of the German […]


A very special group of mainly Jewish immigrants constituted the “Frankfurt School”. These were Marxist “intellectuals” who fled Hitler’s Germany one step ahead of the Gestapo. Painting themselves as the victims of merciless political oppression, the truth is that these men and others like them were largely responsible for the rise of Hitler in the […]

Far Left White Girl and Arsonist Tracked Down and Charged After Wearing Custom-made T-Shirt at Philly Riots — Now Faces Up to 80 Years For Torching Cop Cars

The FBI tracked down a dangerous leftist after she torched two police cars in the Philadelphia “peaceful protests” and riots. Lore Elisabeth Blumenthal was arrested this week for torching the police cars in riots last week. The FBI tracked her down by tracing her custom t-shirt and tattoos. Lore Elisabeth, a massage therapist, was not […]

Vice is promoting a SPLC ‘hate map’ of Confederate monuments. This has led to violence before

Helen Buyniski is an American journalist and political commentator at RT. Follow her on Twitter @velocirapture23 Vice is encouraging sledgehammer-wielding wannabe revolutionaries to use the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of Confederate monuments as a destructive treasure map. And it didn’t end well the last time. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Whose Heritage?” map depicts […]

Harry Harris – Insubordinate U.S. Ambassador To South Korea – Soon To Be Fired

Moon of Alabama On Friday the U.S. embassy in Seoul hung up a large ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner and posted a tweet about it: “To me, this is a serious indication that BLM (which in principle I support) has been co-opted by the “Foreign Policy Establishment” (Vindman) and the Democratic Party.” Posted by: bjd | […]

Thoughts about where the United States is in June, 2020 from a Historical Perspective

I was born in 1949 when racial segregation was still codified in the Deep South and in the Panama Canal Zone, where I spent five years of my childhood in the ‘50s and early ‘60s. I recall vacations my two sisters, my parents and I took from the Canal Zone to the District of Columbia […]

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