Two people shot in #CHOP this morning

[Based upon this FB video, the area looks like a Third World city, much like contemporary Johannesburg, South Africa.  It shows how quickly an area can deteriorate under anarchy and chaos. — S. Byron Gassaway]

US police are investigating a shooting that left one dead and another with life-threatening injuries in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) run by activists in downtown Seattle.

Shots were fired at the main entrance to the enclave Saturday morning. The Seattle Police Department has confirmed that it is investigating the shooting in the zone, and has said one 19-year-old man was declared deceased while another male of unknown age is being “treated for life-threatening injuries.” 

Surveillance cameras from the enclave recorded what appear to be two gunshots.

CHAZ, also known as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), was established in Seattle on June 8 by a group of anarchists, socialists and Black Lives Matter activists. The self-declared autonomous zone spans six blocks, has no police presence, and is largely barricaded off.

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