Zelensky Categorically Denies Ukrainian Involvement in Kremlin Drone Attack

Drone Attack On The Kremlin In Moscow (Updated)

An attack on arguably the most symbolic target in Russia would be a victory for Ukraine, but it could be used by Putin to rally support too.

byHoward Altman, Joseph Trevithick|

Video has emerged showing what appears to be a drone striking at the dome of the Senatsky Dvorets in the Kremlin in Moscow. Russian officials claim that the building came under attack by Ukraine and have vowed to retaliate, while Ukraine’s president denied Kyiv’s involvement in the incident.

Video shows what appears to be a drone approaching the dome and then exploding in a ball of fire that lit up the sky. It seems that this drone did not impact the dome itself, but detonated very close to it, sending flaming debris falling. Two drones are suspected to have attacked the dome in succession.


The Moscow Times

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday denied Moscow’s claims that Kyiv had attempted to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin, after Russia said two drones were shot down at the Kremlin.

“We didn’t attack Putin. We leave it to the tribunal. We fight on our territory, we are defending our villages and cities,” Zelensky told reporters at a joint press conference with Nordic leaders in Helsinki.

Earlier on Wednesday Russia’s presidential press service said a pair of Ukrainian drones had attempted to strike at President Vladimir Putin’s residence in the Kremlin overnight, calling the incident a “terrorist act.”



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