Wokestradamus? Parody Twitter account ‘Titania McGrath’ perfectly predicted the latest social justice battles

In a bizarre case of life imitating art, a parody Twitter account making fun of the woke movement ended up predicting exactly what that movement would do. Does the line between satire and reality even exist any more?

‘Titania McGrath’ doesn’t exist, and is a creation of Spiked columnist Andrew Doyle. Yet her Twitter account, which parodies and ridicules modern society’s obsession with political correctness, has fooled the unaware before, even earning a ban from Twitter after a biting send-up of critical theory in which she argued doctors were “bullying and dehumanizing” sick people – i.e. “those who do not conform to their perceptions of “‘wellness’” – and thus medical science should be banned as an oppressive, cisnormative, patriarchal construct.

While her satirical posts often imitated the most ridiculous declarations of the woke, they were never meant to be taken as an instruction manual. Yet, she now says that’s exactly what happened, crediting herself with the ideas that progressive organizations and media outlets apparently embraced well after her tweets describing them – and this time it might not even be satire.


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