Why the US can’t give up on Russian uranium

American scientists are worried that Russia may hinder the operation of nuclear reactors in the US by stopping the supplies of uranium. If those fears come true, the US will face a major electricity crisis.

What will happen to US nuclear power without Russian uranium? To answer this question briefly, theoretically, a nuclear meltdown.

Back in the very beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, experts predicted the mass closure of US nuclear power plants in the event of a uranium embargo.


“So far, it is difficult to imagine how the one or two plants available in the US can compensate for Russia’s untold uranium treasures, thanks to which a fifth of the US nuclear power industry operates,” Life experts note.

Bloomberg sources say that the US Energy Department seriously fears that Russia’s conflict with the West may disrupt fuel supplies to US nuclear power plants.

Ironically, the fear stems not from possible sanctions against Rosatom but from the fact that Moscow might cut Rosatom supplies.


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