White Renegade of the Year — 2022

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 30, 2022

Boris Johnson bears heavy responsibility for the continuing [Ukrianian] war. According to some reports, Russia and Ukraine had agreed to a deal to end it, with Russia withdrawing to its February 23 positions and Ukraine pledging not to join NATO. Most people would have called that a major Ukrainian victory that could even have threatened the survival of Vladimir Putin’s government. Mr. Johnson reportedly urged President Volodymyr Zelensky to break off talks. Now, the war is likely to continue into the spring, with a devasting loss of European blood and treasure, all so both sides can end up in essentially the same place.

Earlier this year, Aris Roussinos of Unheard said this of Boris Johnson: “No one in living memory can have squandered such a far-reaching and revolutionary mandate for reform through such petty and absurd personal failings.” The damage goes well beyond the Tories. Mr. Johnson has so thoroughly wrecked the British Right that separatism in Scotland is once again a major threat. Disgusted voters in northern England may never give the Conservatives another chance. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who campaigned on lowering immigration, is already plotting to bring in more “skilled workers” to replace British labor in the name of growth. The collection of mediocrities and diversity hires that comprise the Tory leadership is so bad that the best candidate for the party’s future might be Boris Johnson himself. The former PM is now aping Hillary Clinton, giving speeches to elite crowds for outrageous speaking fees and waiting for his comeback moment.



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