When the Saints come marching in…

by Sylvia Shawcross

The peace train has gone off the rails and the military-industrial complex has taken over control of the station and all we see are long trains of tanks and missile launchers to keep us frightened. Diplomacy has turned into comedy.

Lofty ideals of clean energy has turned into panicked fears of freezing to death in the dark. Alleviating poverty and providing jobs has ended up as tent cities, living in cars and four part-time jobs if you’re lucky just to buy a can of chicken.

Tolerance is turning into totalitarianism and the only national pride we’re allowed to feel these days is for the Ukrainians. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that but I’m just saying….

You’d almost think it was deliberate. But that would be a conspiracy theory so let’s just ignore that. What’s that saying: Never attribute to malice what can be chalked down to foolishness?



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