When Resistance Becomes Duty

By Milosz Matuschek

November 27, 2021

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” is a quote
allegedly attributed to Bertolt Brecht. Most likely the pandemic will
only end as soon as the fear of a totalitarian public health
dictatorship, which is a long standing subliminal agenda becoming
increasingly clearer, outweighs the fear of the virus or personal

Resistance against injustice (including legal injustice) does not
require a special permit. As soon as the state begins to act in a
tyrannical manner, the bond of fundamental democratic loyalty is broken.
In a highly recommendable rant the Romanian EU parliamentarian Cristian
Terheș claimed that Tyranny is easy to recognise, alluding to the
heavily redacted contracts between the EU commission and the vaccine
manufacturers (you can find the unredacted contracts here): “If the
government knows everything about you, it’s tyranny. If you know
everything about the government, it’s democracy”. Have a look at this
memorable speech from the inside of the European Parliament. There are
already a lot more of us than we might assume.


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